Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dire News?. Updated

Dull day.

In a way. I mean, cloud cover grey. Little sun filtering through. It is cold, and, I have had to get some warm clothing on. That is unusual. My lover is here, braving the cold. Maybe I have a slight fever? Certainly, a hacking cough. And, he was telling me I was a mite warmer than usual in bed.... didnt stop him from winding himself round me like a vine does a forest tree. Did I complain?

No. I loved it. And, was reluctant getting out of bed.

Done some work already. Had a couple of things that I slept on, dreaming of perfecting them in the morning. And, first out of bed, reading a poem, (Winfred Owen, To ___), I dove into the computer. Productive couple of hours.

And, then I have to get online.

Have decided on a novel solution for the hunger to be online all the time. Is mine, is mine, is mine. Wont share it....!

But, was immediately tickled when I got onto facebook on the phone and heard of Mubajje's pronouncements on homosexuality in Uganda.

Now, a little background. Do I need to tell you about the high feelings that homosexuality engages in Ugandans? And, should I remind you about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009, which is currently stalled in Parliament? Oh, I don't need to, I hope.

Now, fast forward to this year, yesterday.

The politicians are at the polls. Criss crossing the country, looking for votes. This is supposed to be a democracy, so, regular polls to confirm the president.

Mubajje is the leader of the Moslems in the country... the legal leader. Or the regular leader... they have factions.
He hates homosexuals. Once, he wanted us to be marooned on an island on Lake Victoria. In his opinion, once marooned there, we homosexuals would die out, since we don't 'reproduce'. And, blessed Uganda would be free of us. He mentioned this 3 times. Told the President, who apparently didnt comment. At least where the press had eyes and ears.

Well, yesterday was Eid Aduha. And, as a good politician, the President was at the celebrations. To court the Muslim vote. He is shown in this pic seated, attentive, listening to the Mufti of Uganda. 

Correction. The Pres was in Arua. He wasnt listening to the Mufti, who was in Kampala yesterday. My apologies

Mubajje had a captive audience, including the head of state. And, what did he say? The over aching problem of the country is nothing but homosexuality. So, we need the presidential candidates to state their position.
Mubajje asked all the presidential candidates to state their position on the “touchy” matter of homosexuality or else face the wrath of the pious religious faithful.
“We have not heard any candidate speaking on the matter of homosexuality yet it is against God’s teachings,” he said. “We are concerned about this matter as religious leaders and we are waiting for the presidential candidates’ position on the matter.” He said it was such “evils” coupled with other immoral behaviour that see nations crumble, adding that he is in agreement with other religious leaders opposed to homosexuality.
I was not there.

But, I am amused. Actually, flabbergasted.

Indeed, the American Culture wars are being fought in Uganda. Sincerely speaking, of all the problems in the country, is the problem of homosexuality so important to the national discourse on choosing a new leader? Is any of our presidential candidates pro-gay? Can they dare to be seen to be pro-gay? It is politically correct to be anti-gay in Uganda. What was Mubajje's intention here?

Indeed, there are some people for whom my sexuality is a deep and abiding passion. Why the hell it is, I don't know.

To Pastor Dr. Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa is added Mufti Mubajje. Leader of all muslims in Uganda. [There is a rival Mufti. The Kibuli faction. But, I do know that they can also not be seen to contradict Mubajje on this front.]

What do I make of this?

I have always consistently observed that we gay Ugandans seem not to drive the conversation here. We react to provocation like this, and Ssempa, and Bahati. Why is it of such importance that these guys push an anti-gay agenda? I believe the answer to that question is important for the prosecution of this war. And, it is a bloody war.


No, again, I don't have answers to this question. What drove Mufti Mubajje, on the day when he assuredly had the Presidents attention, to push a relatively minor issue into the Presidential election debate and make it an issue?

I am very convinced that I am not that important. Of course, Mubajje may be trying to deflect from his failures, the allegations of corruption, the divisions amongst the moslems, the fact that there is a rival Mufti. But, the President was attending his mass. He was not at the rival Mufti's place, which I believe is actually an opposition stronghold. Why was he trying to define the Presidential campaigns with the issue of homosexuality?

I don't think it will catch on, but, I am curious. We do have some pretty persistent enemies.

With the Rolling Stone outings, carried further by the Onion and Red rug, I am now wondering whether we are actually facing an underhand but still consistent push to drag my sexuality into the national political debate.

Is it co-ordinated? I don't know. No intelligence from the enemy camp. Can only read what is in the papers. And, the fact that Bahati supports the Rolling stone 'Hang them' campaign. Really a serious wonderful Christian. Here are his assurances.
Mr. Bahati sounded a confident tone about the AHB. He expresses strong belief that there is time to get the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee to have public hearings and write a favorable report. He says he has been assured of this by the committee chair. He believes then that the second reading would take place and then as is often the case in the Ugandan parliament, the third reading would take place the same day.

But, as usual, I have to polish my weapons, and not let rust get onto the armour. Might be called on to fight the anti-Homosexuality bill. And, very soon at that.

I just hope it doesnt come to that. But, what power do I have to stand down this avalanche?

I have my will. And, the will of a few billion people. Even against the will of my country men, and those who casually incite violence.

Pessimistic assessment, this Wednesday morning. Hope you are feeling good and fine.


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Anonymous said...

Small correction: in the photo with the president on the mat, the president is not listening to the Mufti in Kampala. The caption under this picture is: "Museveni (centre) attending the Idd Adhuha prayers in Arua yesterday. On his left is Kampala mayor Nasser Sebaggala". But nevertheless, M7 must have heard the anti-homo message in his speech.

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