Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Struggle Continues....2

So, in the aftermath of our coming out in defiance, what is happening?

Too many of us were exposed. We had on the t-shirts. We were identifiable. No more hiding for many. For that, in most cases, we deal with it in a case to case basis. Yes, David actually reported that he was feeling insecure.... but....!

Oh well.

Ultimately, we all have to take into our own hands our security. Some are more exposed than others. Most of the activists are known now. So, maybe there is nothing to do about hiding those.... and of course, the risk from anonymous violence is there.

[Was this what killed David? The police seems convinced that it was a 'robbery'.....Gosh, if I say I do not believe that, will I be excused? Maybe I am too close to everything. But, I will wait the results of their investigation. As long as it doesnt take for granted my logic.
But, this is Uganda. The probability of a face saving 'investigation', made for TV, the parading of a suspect as the murderer, and quietly closing the case, that is a real possibility. Who will put pressure on them? I simply have never, ever felt that I have to bribe the police to investigate. Stop laughing. That is what happens in Uganda. And, I just feel like they just get 'results' that will convince me.... as long as I can accept them.]

Anyway, we shall cross that bridge when we get to it. If we ever do.

People outside Uganda ask me what they can do to help....

The situation in Uganda, we can only change with what we have. That depends on us. Engaging the populace, making them see that we were no different.
That is something which David had achieved at his village. All seemed to know that he was gay. Few seemed to really mind. And, at the wake, they saw us, knew us, and didnt seem to be really bothered. Pity that he had to be buried at another place. We would have had less hostility shown to us. And, it was hostile. The homophobic preacher was cheered on by the locals. And, when the mic was taken away, they refused to bury David. In our culture, that is the most extreme insult that they could have visited on us.

And, the locals did it.

No. We must not think that we have an easy road ahead.

For friends outside Uganda- we cannot, and will not ask you to risk your lives for us. Even for those inside the country, we do not.

But, we remind you that, the lessons of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the lessons of the death of David Kato are quiet clear. You have a lot of clout here. It is through public opinion of Uganda in your country. It is in your country that you move the politicians to move the leaders in Uganda. And, it is not only political. It is also religious, and cultural.

It is funny, but, for this I rely on the simple psych of the Ugandan society at the moment.

What seems to matter, to the government, to the people, is the reputation. And, if Uganda is in anyway sensitive to its reputation in the family of nations, it is vulnerable. Our country people, our government will treat us gay ugandans like shit. But, they will not do that when you ask your leaders to ask them what justification they have to do that.

Because, Ugandans are vain. And, that vanity is susceptible to the ridicule that they are acting less than 'civilised'


that is a laugh.

But, now you know how you are important to us, as gay Ugandans.

The struggle inside the country for the hearts and minds of our countrymen and women continues. We shall wage it. I believe we have matured to the point that we can do that, on our own behalf. And, if this editorial in the independent Monitor is to be believed, some people are ready. Some. Not all.

But, we simply must remain alive to do that. And, that is where you come in, if you are not a Ugandan, but want to help, in anyway. You can influence your leaders, in Church, Mosque, or your government. They will influence leaders in my country, Uganda. And, that will be of immense help to me.....!

And, on behalf of all gay people, kuchus in Uganda, thanks!



Leonard said...

We hear you.

Karen said...

Yes, we hear you.

Scott Cruse said...

"Our country people, our government will treat us gay ugandans like shit. But, they will not do that when you ask your leaders to ask them what justification they have to do that."

Agreed, but we have to insist on REAL justification, not the usual propaganda about gays going after children.

Megaera said...

Thank you for confirming that what we try to do outside Uganda makes a real difference to gay Ugandan people. A luta continua.

Megaera said...

You may already know about these organisations, but just in case...

I wonder whether it might be helpful to you to keep in touch with 'All Out!'

Also runs online petitions, some of which are very influential.

Please stay safe, all of you. Even one martyr is too many.

gayuganda said...

Thanks people.

Your friendship, your words of encouragement are much appreciated. Yes, we shall try our best to keep safe. and fuel the anger better.

even one martyr is one too many

Anonymous said...

and what should ugandan kuchus living abroad do to help?

gayuganda said...

Help be our ambasaddors.

Keep up to date with what is happening. Be our voice, our representatives outside Uganda. You know and understand us better than anyone.

Be involved.

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