Thursday, June 2, 2011

Its a Beautiful Day!

Music on the mind.

Playing actually. And, as it is so cold, am wrapped up, in bed.... LOL. But, working some. When it is possible, then, why not?

Going through emails. And, thinking, this war against gay people, it could well have ended, long ago, if it was not that we gay people are real people, wrapped up in real world problems.... and that we can love, and hate, just like the others.

I remember, near the time that the bill was almost debated in parliament, I saw a circular written by Stephen Langa, you know, the guy who brought the 3 americans to Uganda to teach about the Homosexual Agenda.... He is the true ideologue in the anti-gay movement in Uganda.

Anyway, he wrote a circular to his network of friends, urging them to write to their member of parliament in Uganda, urging them to have the bill become law....

Well, I do realise that, in the fight against the bill, there was a side that was as impassioned for, as I was against.

Yet, I wonder, why would Stephen Langa want gug killed?

Well, of course I am supposed to be 'recruiting' and maybe that deserves prison for me.....

Anyway, I am still alive, and will have to go on fighting his prejudice. Because, frankly, I don't think I am going to convince him that am a human being who should not be punished for loving another human being.


Emails call....


Just a thought. Being in a constant state of war, what is that costing me?

I mean, personally? How is it affecting me?

Maybe I just don't want to know.


The story about the SA ambassador in Uganda did get into the Ugandan papers... of course, you guessed right, it had to be the Monitor. I am getting to love those guys' gumption. The new vision is just... well, so much government toilet paper....

And, last, kuddos to the guys and girls in Illinois... the ones celebrating Civil Unions.

Those who demonise and vilify us should take note that they fight that most ancient of forces. LOVE.

They met as 8-year-old girls playing on the same Oak Park softball team, and again at a friend's wedding in their early 20s.
Meta Kroker and Joy Christopher have been together ever since.
Wednesday morning, Kroker and Christopher stood in line with 74 other gay and lesbian couples at the Cook County Clerk's office on the day Illinois' new law allowing civil unions took effect.
There were cheers, applause, hugs and tears — even though the couples were there only to pick up their licenses. Under the state's Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act, the unions cannot take place until today, when dozens of people are expected to participate in a mass ceremony in Millennium Park.
"I'm overwhelmed," said Kroker, 34, a travel agent. "I started crying, because the person behind the clerk's counter also started crying after the first license was processed. It's all very emotional."

With these glad couples, I affirm the following

"We've been ostracized and relegated to the bottom rung of society," said Lakeesha Harris, 36, of Chicago, who stood in line with her partner, Janean Watkins. "I feel like this is some sort of justice for us, for our family. I'm so grateful. I'm so thankful."

Yes. That was some sort of justice.

And, I applaud and affirm them. Even from homophobic Uganda.

But, most of all, to these most patient of people, for the whole of the human race, on behalf of all of us humans, I affirm that they have fought and won a most important battle... that of affirming that other humans are not better than themselves. That though looked down on by the rest of the community, of society, they have enough self esteem to beat the overwhelming odds, to stand up and be counted as human beings. Even gay human beings.

What a beautiful morning it is!


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