Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Wet Sunday Afternoon

I hate black outs. But, I live in Uganda. They are simply not optional.

So, to 'guard' against power outages... multiple batteries, and the phone number of 'Umeme' the utility company.... and of course, money for the quicker, more versatile 'kamyufu'.... the guy who will put it to rights in seconds, when the electricity company will take the requisite number of days working through their burecracy.... while I desperately need to get back onto the net.

Yeah, I know. It is supposedly illegal... but, this is Uganda.

Ever thought of the hillarity of the President vowing to wipe out corruption and then appointing Amama Mbabazi as the new Prime Minister?

Am just jumping onto the net after a 'black out'... my batteries and everything else was off. Gosh... I am an addict. Just worked out that a considerable part of my monthly income fuels this particular addiction.



I sit down, and dive into the bowels of cyber... and, it is like I have been missing food, or drink, or something... LOL, not just a mere few hours from the internet. How did I ever survive without it before?

Just been reading up about the dude who came out. He is on a suicidal run, and, though I understand, I am kind of worried. Things are not done this way! He is informing everyone, now, now, now. Gosh. A family kangaroo court is on the way for him. So, why is he doing it? Well, let me say, once upon a time, I was thinking like he is.... damn the consequences.

And, the Bahati's kill the gay bill? Well, it is inspiring people to write about it.

Yep, I was informed of the same from an email in my ebox... and, I have not read the book... but, well, why not point out that it is there? Here are the links... maybe someone will tell me what it is like.... Uh, am ducking some responsibilities.. let me just say that I am also a lazy person?!!! Here is the link, Fragments of a Crooked Mirror. Promotion on Youtube, Amazon...

Now, rain has decided to come, and, I was so looking forwards to a party.... Gosh!

Uh, let me jump out of cyber!

All the best


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