Saturday, June 11, 2011

Miscellaneous issues.....

When am kind of swamped with other things, I tend to neglect things that I love doing.

Like blogging of course.

But, that is not going to be like so always. Am pulled back.

Now, weather here is very, very dull. Grey skies, wet, a little sluggish wind. And, I am feeling like it is shinny and bright inside. Lots of work to do, lots more. But, some work finished. And, it is the weekend.

I am glad to observe that the gay Ugandan community is coming to grips with our kuchuness. Case in point, one guy, who I didnt know much about, decided for his birthday to come out. Did it on Facebook...... sending messages to his contacts... and, writing himself a poem. And then, don't know how the NTV guys picked him up, but, they did.... and, the dude went on a Ugandan TV..... gosh.

I wonder what Ssempa thought of the guy? And, I believe the dude is a Pentecostal Christian.... LOL... Tough times ahead? But, why not? Taking the bull of our people hate by the horns is sometimes what we should do. Of course there is going to be backlash... comments on his facebook page were not very encouraging. Eh, Ugandans remain deeply homophobic, and ignorant. But, why not be happy for one guy who does what we all want to do....!

And, we have some special people coming to stand up for us.... The former presidents of Botswana, and Zambia. Kaunda!

Gosh. Here is the link. Champions of an HIV Free Generation. Well, they have decided to tackle Africa's forgotten populations. And, dude, they do have the clout! I mean, they can force some people to listen.

And, the Ghana saga, where the Ghana AIDS Commission came out trying to play both sides... well, apparently, the Vice President knows what to say. At least. I wonder whether he believes what he is saying? The Commission is just there to pay lip service.

Personally, I believe that an ally who doesnt understand that I am equal to them is just a condescending idiot. I may use them, but, the alliance is worthless. A marriage of convenience..... and if, when they show their true colours, they deserve my condemnation.... Yes, I do believe that I am equal to you, heterosexual person.... no reason for me to believe otherwise. Period.

Here is what the Vice President of Ghana said... and, believe it or not, he did. I wonder, this in a country where the beginnings of a gay panic was manifest?

"But there are new challenges. Statistics on MSM (Men who have sex with Men) are unreliable or generally unavailable.
"Cultural hostility to this group makes most unwilling to disclose this sexual orientation. But rough estimates put prevalence in this group at also about 25 per cent."
Vice President Mahama notes that this is much higher than the national average and "we need to deal with it especially because it is estimated that 65 per cent of MSM are bisexual, and could create multidirectional spread".

What is suspicious is the fact that he was going to New York for the high level HIV meeting... so, maybe it was just talk... Hey, you don't look a gift horse in the teeth? I do.. suspicion is part of my blessings

OK, someone has contacted me... complaining about me not opening this email box...

OK, I was not. But, am going to.

But, don't expect me to be able to deal with the mountain that has been scaring my return to the ebox here... Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


Uh, before I go.. the most hilarius headline. The worst homophobes are homosexuals hiding.

Of course, the case of the despicable Rekers is one in point. But, isnt Ssempa just another closeted homosexual? Even kills me to think of him as having the same sexual orientation as moi.... guess have to mention it just to laugh. Yes, the worst homophobes are closeted homos in hiding. And, arent they deceiving themselves.....

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