Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ugandan 'leadership'

Uganda can lead....

For example, here are some Croatians who want gay Croatians killed. Just like David Kato was killed in Uganda, after publication of his photo, to have him hanged.

Yes, weirdos are not only Ugandan.

But, the really sick ones...

OK, those who kill us for what we are. Simply because we offend their sense of 'right' with the world. Gosh,.. this is illness. Here is a report from South Africa.

A South African lesbian has described how she was repeatedly stabbed by a stranger in the latest of a spate of homophobic attacks against women in the country. Nxolo Nkosana was walking home with her girlfriend when a man came up behind her yelling abuse.
He threw an empty bottle at Nkosana then knifed her four times in the back, leaving her in a pool of blood. She was taken to hospital to receive life-saving surgery. Her attacker is still at large.
Activists have demanded tougher action against homophobic violence in South Africa, including so-called "corrective rape", in which men rape lesbians to "turn them straight". In April, a 24-year-old member of a lesbian rights group was stoned to death after an apparent gang rape. In a similar attack three years ago another activist, international footballer Eudy Simelane, was sexually assaulted and killed.
Nkosana, 23, was on her way home one evening last month with her 21-year-old partner, Sindiswa Mannivel, when two young men approached them in the Crossroads township, Cape Town.

Not very endearing reading.

But, life is tough. Really tough.

Remember Stephen Langa? The guy who brought the 3 Americans to Uganda to teach Ugandans about a new and current and pressing danger... homosexuality.

Well, he still is. And, here he is, talking about another kind of 'colonialism'

Meanwhile, some African leaders blame Clinton for a different type of colonialism—imposing Western beliefs about sexual orientations that their countries oppose. Stephen Langa, executive director of a Uganda-based family ministry, said that African Christians view homosexuality as a sin, and many cultures in Africa abhor the practice, but the United States has arm-twisted and blackmailed some African leaders into accepting it.
Langa said that last year the United States wanted the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission to receive UN accreditation but did not have the votes. Then, Langa said, the United States bypassed standard procedures, intimidated African delegates who opposed the accreditation, and got its way.
In Uganda, Langa said incidents of homosexuality among students were few until five years ago. That's when Western governments and international organizations such as UNICEF entered schools to promote homosexuality among teens. Langa noted the teachings completely disregarded Ugandan laws and cultural practices that prohibit such behavior.

Its kind of hard to talk to people like Langa. They are supposedly good Christians. And, they are so convinced that they know what is the best for everyone else that they will always continue to peddle that position. And, of course paint us the darkest black that they can.

Poor guys.... LOL,

You have to learn to pity them, 'other than tear your hair out, wondering what you did for them to so honestly hate you completely.... LOL



kahta haber said...

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kahta haber said...

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Felix Daniel said...

We moral humans and all of Africans are proud of Uganda towards the gay behaviour and we support you dearly. Asking for a reason why gay is banned and not tollerated is the most stupid and lack of comprehension of being. There are many reasons and one that is obvious is that anus is not a sexual organ and its main exclusive obvious purpose is for passing out feaces ONLY. Who else will need a reason other than this except the few scrupulous politicians of the west, idiots, immorals, devil worshippers, hypnotised, inhumans and all that is inappropriate to call?

Cutting aid because of Uganda banning gay and lesbian immorality, is a great joke of the millenium and hopefully since documented, our great great grandchildren will see the current world as really satans that ever being their ancestors and will be amazed that once it was debated and will feel only hope for Uganda Godly decision to conserve the humanity on earth.

Lets consider the scenario where all men will be gay and all women will be lesbians and try to conceptualise the fate of humanity. We will see that we will have sudden shutdown of human race and we will have no offsprings and it might be the collapse of the humans and extinction of the same. This does not need a degree at Harvard or being a US President to comprehend. I would rather say some nuts for this people are loose.

If it is a good behaviour to pass on to our descendants why can't all the world politicians and including the US president turn to it and from there all their kids embrace it. It is a mere lie just to gain fame and politically prevail. Their kids will not be and so they will be the next junior presidents, will keep advocating and so on and so forth. They will keep building a healthy family while gays and lesbians keep on increasing and so the gay and lesbian nation.

We pray that God will make it understood to all of humanity that it is the most hateful behaviour and support the moral nations. We did not happen appear spontaneously as there is the creator and from him with purpose.

If all is from the creator, money and power, God will lift Uganda to be self sustained without gay and lesbian money from the US. Pronto.

I submit my views. Two wrongs, don't make it right. Cutting aid is a mere blackmail.

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