Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Right To HATE Speech

The Right to HATE Speech.

The right to speech is important. We are human and varied. 

And, I am a gay African. On the continent, there are quite a number of countries and places where being gay is not something you can talk about openly. In my lovely Uganda, speaking positively about sexuality other than heterosexuality is thought to be ‘promotion of homosexuality’, and the deities help you if you dare do that in the country.

But, there is speech, and there is Hate speech. I don’t even want to term it ‘free’ speech. Because it is speech that is supposedly ‘innocent’ but is used to harm and bind and leads to acts of hatred.
Remember the Interahamwe in Rwanda in the early 1990s? The majority Hutu population incited and encouraged to go out and ‘kill the cockroaches’. And, they did. More than a million people perishing, killed by their own neighbours in a sanctioned mass madness.

Steven Anderson.

Of Arizona in the US…, land of ‘unfettered speech.

His speech qualifies as hate speech. And, in his country, with its checks and balances, he can and does air it. When one, in the name of religion, lauds the massacre of more than 50 of his country-mates (Orlando nightclub) …., well, what defines the difference between love and hate?
But, like quiet a lot of others like him, in the name of religion, and of freedom of speech, he seeks to spread his ideas to other countries.

Britain said no. Not even to transit there.

Africa has been a very healthy ground for American evangelists. And Mr Anderson was due a tour, to South Africa. They also said no, thanks.  Why? Because, in spite of the right to freedom of speech and of religion, there are problems when you incite to kill in the name of those freedoms.
I should know. The Ugandan ‘Anti-Homosexuality’ bill/Act was crafted after such an evangelical outreach by one Scott Lively.

Mr Anderson entered Botswana, and, he did get onto a radio station…., and taught how his scriptures preached death to homosexuals.

A few years ago, these events would have been impossible to imagine. I mean, when Scott Lively came to Uganda for his ‘Anti-Homosexuality Crusade’, he had conferences in Kampala, addressed members of parliament. And, he was heard and honoured.

I salute the South African Government Minister Malusi Gigaba and the South African Human Rights activists. Because they flagged the visit, and the Minister acted.

I salute President Ian Khama of Botswana, who, on hearing Anderson calling for the killing of Gay Batswana quickly bundled him out.

Gay rights in Africa have indeed come a long way. We still have a very long way to go.

But when our brothers and sisters in authority dare to hold our best at heart instead of those who preach hate’s right to preach….,
then, and only then, is there true movement towards Gay Liberty in Africa.

Am pretty sure Anderson would be welcomed in Uganda with a red carpet and would be invited to parliament and to see the Ugandan president.

And, because of that striking contrast, I salute South Africa and Botswana.


Friday, July 15, 2011

In the Name of God, or Gods, whatever

Have you been following the case of Pastor Dr Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa?


Well, he is court. Over the allegations that he and others paid and promised some money to people to make allegations that another Pastor (Kayanja, Brother to the Archbishop of York).

It is a messy case. Apparently, the First Lady is involved...., and many monies were promised to the boys. Of course, you do remember dear Georgina, Ex-ex-gay asserting that she went to Parliament to ask that the bill is passed because of the inducement of money, and fear that a fate like the Late David Kato would befall her...

OK, of the newer allegations....Here, from the state owned 'New Vision'

A prosecution witness on Wednesday told court that he betrayed Pastor Robert Kayanja by alleging that he had sodomised him, after one of Kayanja's accusers promised him a lucrative music deal. 
Ivan Akansiima, 24, told Buganda Road Court Grade One Magistrate Patrick Wekesa that local musician David Mukalazi made him the offer. 
Akansiima narrated that he made the accusations in a recorded statement at the criminal investigations department on April 6, 2009. 
He said he retracted it the following day at the Kampala Central Police Station after a talk with one of his mentors, Pastor Martin Wampamba. 
"He (Mukalazi) said the deal would yield a lot of money for us. He said I would reap a lot and that some people were ready to finance the music project if I made the accusations," Akansiima said. 
Mukalazi and his five other co-accused, including four pastors, were appearing to answer charges of tarnishing Kayanja's reputation by alleging that he sodomised boys at his Rubaga Miracle Centre. Others accused are pastors Solomon Male of Arising for Christ Ministries, Martin Sempa of Makerere Community Church, plus Michael Kyazze and Robert Kayiira of Omega Healing Centre. Also accused is State House employee Dorothy Kyomuhendo. 
Prosecution, led by Stephen Asaba, alleges that in 2008 at various places within Kampala district, the accused "conspired to cause injury to the personality and reputation" of Pastor Kayanja alleging that he was engaged in homosexuality. Akansiima, who is prosecution witness number 16, narrated that Mukalazi coached him on what to state in his first statement recorded on April 6, 2009. 
He said Mukalazi visited him at his home in Rubaga, and convinced him to state that he was one of Kayanja's victims. 

Its amazing, how far the 'Men of God' went to tarnish the name of another man of god.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not so subtle call to kill gays.

Yes. In Ghana, apparently, it is okay for a Member of Parliament to not so subtly hint that gay Ghanaians should be killed. And, not by the law, as dear David Bahati suggested, but by the crudest of methods. Mob justice.

Of course Bahati is a Christian who does not believe in 'Mob justice'. But, what of judicial hanging.. that is another issue... LOL

The MP from Ghana believes bluntly, that he can call in a more subtle way, for 'death to the homosexual' and through lynching by the general public. Uh, I know, for those who do know that we homos are a minority, I have to clarify that it is 'death to the homosexual suspect'.... because, a suspected homosexual is not a homosexual... LOL, the tar brush.

For one who is not used to this, it is dear old 'lynching' where a member of the public is quickly declared a menace to society, and, on evidence of the court of public opinion, is killed. There and then. By the enraged members of public.

Of course, you can start pointing at the glaring holes in that logic, but, this member of Ghana's parliament sees it fit. He believes that homosexuality is a foreign import... , and Ghana as a Christian (yep, another 'foreign' import) nation, cannot accept it. So, homosexuals should be lynched.

Hey, you are thinking, this is June 2011. Surely gug has gone off his usually stupid brains? No, friend. I am so not joking... Here are excerpts from the article.

A senior member of Parliament has warned that the homosexual community in Ghana may soon be at the receiving end of mounting public anger in the form of physical attacks and outright death if they do not stop what he calls their evil deeds.
The NDC MP for Shai Osu Doku, Hon David Tetteh Assuming, said he is disgusted at the campaigns being led by respected senior citizens seeking respect and tolerance for gay and lesbian rights.
In an interview with Citi News' Parliamentary Correspondent, Richard Sky, Hon. Assuming said homosexuals operating in the country may have to relocate outside Ghana before the growing public outrage against them degenerates into systematic moves to eliminate them one after the other.
"You cannot trace this act to any of the settings in Ghana. So this is foreign and I am I saying that Ghanaians cherish our culture a lot so for anybody to adulterate the cultural setting in Ghana as far as this act is concerned, I have the fear that people could take the law into their hands in future and deal with this people drastically.
"We have been seeing the situation where people take the law into their hands to lynch armed robbers. They call it mob action. And so since this has been happening and the law cannot take hold of this people, then I believe that the same thing could be directed to them".
"So I am sending a sign to these people that they will not have it easy in this country. They can leave here and go to other places to practice that. But in this country, I believe that they are treading on dangerous grounds and they could face lynching in future" he noted.
The Legislator said issues of human rights cannot justify the practice of homosexuality in Ghana, which he according to him, could incur the wrath of God on a "God-fearing nation" like Ghana.
"Being a God-fearing nation and a God-fearing people, let us not joke with this issue and let us not talk about any issue of human rights. This is uncultured, anti-Ghanaian and if care is not taken, these people will face a very tough time in future" he noted.
He said the excuse that Ghana's laws are not very clear on what constitutes homosexuality and the sanctions that should be meted out to such offenders was a non-starter, since no law is framed in a straightjacket.
"There is no law that is water-tight in this country. In every law, there could be some loopholes. But this is not the case where somebody will hide to commit this act. No matter what law we have in place, this one is an unwritten law. This act is abominable, it is not practised in Ghana and anybody who tries to introduce it in this country will not succeed. It has started in Kenya where people are being lynched".
Hon. Assuming called on the Police to be more proactive in raiding suspected homosexual joints, believed to be dotted across the country.

And, yes. He is a Seniour Member of Parliament.

And, for journalistic ethics, the editors felt that that call was very ok to publish... LOL. Nothing less or more than a call for some Ghanaian citizens to be killed extra judicially, simply because they are suspected of being gay. Witchhunt, anyone?

The many deities help Mama Africa and her gay sons and daughters in Ghana.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ugandan 'leadership'

Uganda can lead....

For example, here are some Croatians who want gay Croatians killed. Just like David Kato was killed in Uganda, after publication of his photo, to have him hanged.

Yes, weirdos are not only Ugandan.

But, the really sick ones...

OK, those who kill us for what we are. Simply because we offend their sense of 'right' with the world. Gosh,.. this is illness. Here is a report from South Africa.

A South African lesbian has described how she was repeatedly stabbed by a stranger in the latest of a spate of homophobic attacks against women in the country. Nxolo Nkosana was walking home with her girlfriend when a man came up behind her yelling abuse.
He threw an empty bottle at Nkosana then knifed her four times in the back, leaving her in a pool of blood. She was taken to hospital to receive life-saving surgery. Her attacker is still at large.
Activists have demanded tougher action against homophobic violence in South Africa, including so-called "corrective rape", in which men rape lesbians to "turn them straight". In April, a 24-year-old member of a lesbian rights group was stoned to death after an apparent gang rape. In a similar attack three years ago another activist, international footballer Eudy Simelane, was sexually assaulted and killed.
Nkosana, 23, was on her way home one evening last month with her 21-year-old partner, Sindiswa Mannivel, when two young men approached them in the Crossroads township, Cape Town.

Not very endearing reading.

But, life is tough. Really tough.

Remember Stephen Langa? The guy who brought the 3 Americans to Uganda to teach Ugandans about a new and current and pressing danger... homosexuality.

Well, he still is. And, here he is, talking about another kind of 'colonialism'

Meanwhile, some African leaders blame Clinton for a different type of colonialism—imposing Western beliefs about sexual orientations that their countries oppose. Stephen Langa, executive director of a Uganda-based family ministry, said that African Christians view homosexuality as a sin, and many cultures in Africa abhor the practice, but the United States has arm-twisted and blackmailed some African leaders into accepting it.
Langa said that last year the United States wanted the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission to receive UN accreditation but did not have the votes. Then, Langa said, the United States bypassed standard procedures, intimidated African delegates who opposed the accreditation, and got its way.
In Uganda, Langa said incidents of homosexuality among students were few until five years ago. That's when Western governments and international organizations such as UNICEF entered schools to promote homosexuality among teens. Langa noted the teachings completely disregarded Ugandan laws and cultural practices that prohibit such behavior.

Its kind of hard to talk to people like Langa. They are supposedly good Christians. And, they are so convinced that they know what is the best for everyone else that they will always continue to peddle that position. And, of course paint us the darkest black that they can.

Poor guys.... LOL,

You have to learn to pity them, 'other than tear your hair out, wondering what you did for them to so honestly hate you completely.... LOL


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Messing up my world....

I woke up to a beautiful bright morning.

And, if I was the type to start pulling my hair, I would be doing so now.

But, why start screaming of the things that I cannot change? They are many, and so is my wish list, new every morning that. So, the power is gone, when I have only one battery, and a ton of work.  OK, the internet is almost, but not quiet, down.

Not quiet, because some things work. And so am I. Not realy into grabbing the beauty of the day by the horns. But, I am at least able to write a poem, and to write a few things.

Was this article that I stumbled across. From the Mail and Guardian of South Africa. Changing the language of Prejudice. A deeply thoughtful article, of the challenges of logical thought, when the leaders, our leaders, are determined to play to the illogic of un-thought. When they are determined to roll back the course of time, return to the depth of dark ages, for some perceived political good. And, by sheer weight of their charisma, they carry the people with them.

Yeah, that is what my poem is about. But, that is not ready for the world to see. Instead, I will sing the praises of this thought.

South Africa has been referred to as the global capital of rape. More recently we've become the international headliner for "corrective rape", which refers to the rape of a lesbian purportedly as a means of "correcting" her sexual orientation or gender identity.
I cannot think that any rapist seriously holds the "belief" that a violent attack will change a person's sexuality. The term subtly reinforces this myth and diverts attention from the fact that sexuality and gender cannot be "corrected". This misconceived "explanation" disguises vicious homophobia and misogyny. The disproportionate media focus on the images of the broken bodies of lesbians doesn't take us any closer to the actual reasons for these crimes.
"Corrective rape" should be understood and responded to within the broader context of rampant violence against women and the concomitant normalisation of rape. It occurs in a social system that prescribes heterosexuality as the only acceptable form of sexuality. Lesbians are raped because they choose not to assume the prescribed feminine stereotype.
Such rapes are part of the scheme that punishes women whose skirts are "too short" (recall the woman assaulted at Johannesburg's Noord Street taxi rank) or who wear pants (a woman's house was burned down in KwaZulu-Natal). The common denominator is that people who dare operate outside of the terms and conditions of patriarchy are disciplined.

Indeed. I love the way that whole mess is explained, in other that the usual 'only LGBT narrow lense.

Rape is made permissible by sexist and homophobic discourses. To dismantle these master narratives that prejudice women and stigmatise lesbian, gay and transgender people means confronting both the language and the messengers. From the homophobic or misogynist dinner-table joke to the sexual "banter" of our political leaders, the language that underpins gender oppression needs to be resisted. Language and action are mutually reinforcing.

Eradicating the language of prejudice requires that we actively attach new social meanings to sex, sexuality and gender. Advancing the constitutional values of equality, dignity and protection of diversity is key to this process. These inspire a common language of humanity which is compelling because it is antithetical to apartheid discrimination. If we collectively and consciously give social currency to these values we will develop a shared ethic of social inclusion.

But the opposite has been happening -- racial and gender intolerance has become the lingua franca of leading politicians. Progressive post-apartheid legislation and jurisprudence that uphold the rights of women and sexual minorities are repudiated in the dominant political discourse.


The article continues, examining the current rape of the South African constitution, by those who believe it should be rolled back, made, not the stellar document protecting the rights of ALL South Africans, including the most despised, to one that protects SOME South Africans.... excluding, of course, the lower tier citizens.

It is a powerful piece, that article. And, even when I cannot get online to post, I will still praise it, off line!

There is when she points out to what is actually happening on the ground, which makes me shudder, the realities of todays South Africa

At home, offences related to gender oppression appear to have no impact on people's rise to political power. Apart from the obvious examples of President Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema, the ANC Youth League leader, homophobic hate speech gets rewarded with ambassadorial status, as Jon Qwelane's promotion demonstrates.


and, the resounding conclusion.

As veteran politician Kader Asmal recently argued about racism, "The answer to such crude and vulgar chau­vinism isn't the Equality Court, important as it is, but a public opinion that will drive out from public life those who perpetuate such exclusionary views, incompatible with the spirit of the Constitution." This applies equally to chauvinism of a sexual and gendered nature.

An environment that enables sexual violence germinates in sexist and homophobic jokes and hate speech, and finds full form in raping those who don't conform. The sooner we join these dots, the quicker we will face up to our complicity and that of our leaders in gender violence.

Yes, Melanie Judge. Beautifully articulated.

And, thanks for making my day beautiful. Even when there are so many obvious constraints to my enjoyment of the same.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Wet Sunday Afternoon

I hate black outs. But, I live in Uganda. They are simply not optional.

So, to 'guard' against power outages... multiple batteries, and the phone number of 'Umeme' the utility company.... and of course, money for the quicker, more versatile 'kamyufu'.... the guy who will put it to rights in seconds, when the electricity company will take the requisite number of days working through their burecracy.... while I desperately need to get back onto the net.

Yeah, I know. It is supposedly illegal... but, this is Uganda.

Ever thought of the hillarity of the President vowing to wipe out corruption and then appointing Amama Mbabazi as the new Prime Minister?

Am just jumping onto the net after a 'black out'... my batteries and everything else was off. Gosh... I am an addict. Just worked out that a considerable part of my monthly income fuels this particular addiction.



I sit down, and dive into the bowels of cyber... and, it is like I have been missing food, or drink, or something... LOL, not just a mere few hours from the internet. How did I ever survive without it before?

Just been reading up about the dude who came out. He is on a suicidal run, and, though I understand, I am kind of worried. Things are not done this way! He is informing everyone, now, now, now. Gosh. A family kangaroo court is on the way for him. So, why is he doing it? Well, let me say, once upon a time, I was thinking like he is.... damn the consequences.

And, the Bahati's kill the gay bill? Well, it is inspiring people to write about it.

Yep, I was informed of the same from an email in my ebox... and, I have not read the book... but, well, why not point out that it is there? Here are the links... maybe someone will tell me what it is like.... Uh, am ducking some responsibilities.. let me just say that I am also a lazy person?!!! Here is the link, Fragments of a Crooked Mirror. Promotion on Youtube, Amazon...

Now, rain has decided to come, and, I was so looking forwards to a party.... Gosh!

Uh, let me jump out of cyber!

All the best


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Miscellaneous issues.....

When am kind of swamped with other things, I tend to neglect things that I love doing.

Like blogging of course.

But, that is not going to be like so always. Am pulled back.

Now, weather here is very, very dull. Grey skies, wet, a little sluggish wind. And, I am feeling like it is shinny and bright inside. Lots of work to do, lots more. But, some work finished. And, it is the weekend.

I am glad to observe that the gay Ugandan community is coming to grips with our kuchuness. Case in point, one guy, who I didnt know much about, decided for his birthday to come out. Did it on Facebook...... sending messages to his contacts... and, writing himself a poem. And then, don't know how the NTV guys picked him up, but, they did.... and, the dude went on a Ugandan TV..... gosh.

I wonder what Ssempa thought of the guy? And, I believe the dude is a Pentecostal Christian.... LOL... Tough times ahead? But, why not? Taking the bull of our people hate by the horns is sometimes what we should do. Of course there is going to be backlash... comments on his facebook page were not very encouraging. Eh, Ugandans remain deeply homophobic, and ignorant. But, why not be happy for one guy who does what we all want to do....!

And, we have some special people coming to stand up for us.... The former presidents of Botswana, and Zambia. Kaunda!

Gosh. Here is the link. Champions of an HIV Free Generation. Well, they have decided to tackle Africa's forgotten populations. And, dude, they do have the clout! I mean, they can force some people to listen.

And, the Ghana saga, where the Ghana AIDS Commission came out trying to play both sides... well, apparently, the Vice President knows what to say. At least. I wonder whether he believes what he is saying? The Commission is just there to pay lip service.

Personally, I believe that an ally who doesnt understand that I am equal to them is just a condescending idiot. I may use them, but, the alliance is worthless. A marriage of convenience..... and if, when they show their true colours, they deserve my condemnation.... Yes, I do believe that I am equal to you, heterosexual person.... no reason for me to believe otherwise. Period.

Here is what the Vice President of Ghana said... and, believe it or not, he did. I wonder, this in a country where the beginnings of a gay panic was manifest?

"But there are new challenges. Statistics on MSM (Men who have sex with Men) are unreliable or generally unavailable.
"Cultural hostility to this group makes most unwilling to disclose this sexual orientation. But rough estimates put prevalence in this group at also about 25 per cent."
Vice President Mahama notes that this is much higher than the national average and "we need to deal with it especially because it is estimated that 65 per cent of MSM are bisexual, and could create multidirectional spread".

What is suspicious is the fact that he was going to New York for the high level HIV meeting... so, maybe it was just talk... Hey, you don't look a gift horse in the teeth? I do.. suspicion is part of my blessings

OK, someone has contacted me... complaining about me not opening this email box...

OK, I was not. But, am going to.

But, don't expect me to be able to deal with the mountain that has been scaring my return to the ebox here... Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


Uh, before I go.. the most hilarius headline. The worst homophobes are homosexuals hiding.

Of course, the case of the despicable Rekers is one in point. But, isnt Ssempa just another closeted homosexual? Even kills me to think of him as having the same sexual orientation as moi.... guess have to mention it just to laugh. Yes, the worst homophobes are closeted homos in hiding. And, arent they deceiving themselves.....