Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Gay Prime Minister

I saw this, and thought, wow. What a milestone.

Icelandic politician may become world's first lesbian Prime Minister

By Tony Grew • January 27, 2009 - 15:08

The President of Iceland has asked Social Democratic party leader Ingibjorg Gisladottir to try to form an interim administration.

It is reported that Social Affairs Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir will be named as interim Prime Minister.

If chosen Ms Sigurdardottir, 66, will become the first openly gay or lesbian person to become a head of government.

She has been an MP since 1978 and was recently voted the most popular politician in Iceland.

Yesterday the country's Prime Minister stood down and the entire Cabinet resigned.

A general election has been called for May 9th.

The government was toppled by the financial crisis, which severely affected the Icelandic banking system.

Of course gay people have held all sorts of posts. Brains matter, truly, not a person's sexuality. Some of us are very good. And our sexuality is just a by the way. And some of us are good enough to surmount any problems related to being gay in our societies.

It matters.

To me in Uganda, this kind of happening is a fantastic milestone. I know where we are coming from!

Yet, the comments here made me realize how fantastic a milestone it is in another way. The so what reaction. Iceland is in crisis, and it needs its brightest and best to lead it. And so what if that person is gay?

Good luck, Iceland.



Anonymous said...

And how about this from "The Independent":

Michael Kirby showed courage both outside and inside chambers. Australia's first openly gay High Court judge famously "outed" himself with an entry in Who's Who.

He also earned a reputation as the court's "great dissenter".

A maverick in the often musty legal profession, the nation's longest-serving judge thought it was "uncool" to be predictable.

So when it came time to give one of his final public speeches, he spoke in praise of a four-letter word he said had the power to extinguish human rights injustices, racism and discrimination.

"I refer to love," Justice Kirby said in a festive season speech in Brisbane ahead of his enforced retirement at the age of 70 on February 2.

"Love for one another, love for our community, love for others everywhere in the world.

"I have always thought that the essential underpinning of fundamental human rights is love."

Some Australians still did not love their indigenous people, he said, consigning them to the outskirts of civilisation.

"So too with Asian people in the decades of White Australia. We did not love them either.

"So also for women and for gays."

It was the last that affected him most directly, never more so than in 2002 when Liberal senator Bill Heffernan used parliamentary privilege to accuse Justice Kirby of misusing his taxpayer-funded car and of trawling for under-aged male prostitutes in Sydney.

Senator Heffernan's evidence turned out to be a forgery, and he was forced to apologise.

But it was the dignity of Justice Kirby's response that stuck in many minds.

"I accept Senator Heffernan's apology and reach out my hand in a spirit of reconciliation," he said.

"I hope my ordeal will show the wrongs that hate of homosexuals can lead to."

Justice Kirby did not experience universal acceptance of his sexuality even within the High Court, where he has served for 13 years.

"It is true that some of the justices perhaps have less liberal views than I have," he once said.

gayuganda said...

Wow, I do love that one. See, gay heroes everywhere!

Sincerely I love that one. (we have too many gay non-heroes, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

That's a good pick up. I didn't even know that. However, I do know that Iceland and the Icelandics are one of the most liberal countries and people, crisis or not, in terms of many things, gay being one of them. They also had the first single-mother president (who didn't reveal the name of the father of her onlu child) for many years, a good one.

Still a very long way for Uganda. You do an important job there, standing up for what you believe is right, in spite of the repression.


Skorrdal said...

I thank you for your wishes to my country, and I wish you all, in Uganda - and all around Africa - a brighter future in your fight for gay rights. My heart is with you and your fight.

Olafur Skorrdal
Icelandic gay poet

Anonymous said...

Hello friends,
I know you have varoius interpretations about Gay and all that.
The reality is that Uganda is not part of gay business. If we interprete that freedom means gay, we are worse than other animals.
Actually I have never seen goats practicing Sodomy!!!!!!!!
Its a shame that we the understanding could even mention to me proud of such perversions.
I pray that your minds will be opened. YOU CAN NEVER PRETEND FOREVER, THE REALITY is that you all unerdatnd that whatever you are supporting is wrong.

Philip Timothy

Skorrdal said...

Well, dear Philip Timothy

Perhaps you haven't seen a gay goat, but there are over 3.000 species known that have homosexual individuals among them. From whales to dogs, horses to sheep. You can even find penguins that live in a same-sex relationship, even hatching an egg, after it was left by it's mother, and bringing the chick up together.

But, if you want to listen more to some 2.000 year old text, rather that scientific facts, then that's your choice.

Kenyanchick said...

@Phillip Timothy:

I'm willing to bet you've never seen goats drive cars, conduct court cases or perform surgery either.

Maybe we should ban all that too.


gayuganda said...

tut tut tut,

Poor Phillip Timothy...!

Dee said...

You guys cant be serious. You mean there are even gay heroes? At this rate, I see us getting Criminal (thieves, murderers etc)heroes.

One thing i cant imagine is how one can use an excretory canal as a sexual organ all in the name of rights.what rights? rights to do wrong? Isnt this common sense?

Imagine if everyone on earth was gay! How would life go on.



There is however still a chance to change, for anyone out there who may realise the TRUTH.

gayuganda said...

Dear Upendi....

Damn, your name actually is derived from the Swahili word for love?

Ok, ok, all that I was going to say just flew out. Lets turn to basics.

I dont believe in your god, but you seem quiet insistent that I should let you hurt me with your hate.

Why do you hate me?

Why do you hate me in the name of love?

Sincerely, I have written a lot on this very blog about myself, about what I am, about all the things that I am. Yet, in a big show of your lack of knowledge about what I am, you insist on hating me.

Why do you hate me?

Is it okay to hate me, because you do it in the name of Jesus?


Uganda gay unite said...

Its time now to see that everything change and now we are getting leaders who are gay, iceland is gona see that gay people are capable of somethings, believe it or not!
Uganda Gay unite.

Dee said...

no no no and again no.

I dont hate anybody here. am just trying to show u the right way. The greatest commandment you know in the BIBLE IS LOVE (JOHN 15:12).

So my dear if i hated U I wouldnt tell u this factual truth surely.

Will u open your eyes and see the truth?

with love,

Skorrdal said...

Why is YOUR truth, the ONLY truth there is, Upendi? Isn't that arrogant to say, from some one who should be humble and loving? Do you REALLY want to go down that road?

Christ NEVER talked about gay being against God - that is from the Old Testament. Are you Jewish? And if you are talking about what Paul said, in his famous letter - how about talking to some theologians, who actually have an understanding about what he was meaning there?

And what about all the animals? Did God make a mistake creating those gay animals? Or maybe your god isn't so perfect after all? Who are YOU to judge? Didn't Christ say: "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." (Matthew 7:1). Or are those words just something you don't have to listen to, because know the "right way"? Honestly - I really think you've lost your way, judging others and telling them how to live there lives.

Open YOUR eyes and see the TRUTH; you are no more right than we are - and you have no right to pass your judgement upon us. That, my friend, goes against your Jesus Christ, HIS words and teachings. Or was he perhaps also wrong? Or perhaps the word of Paul is more valuable than the word of Christ? This you have to answer, so we can know what your TRUTH really is.

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