Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Letter in the Monitor

Gays innocent after all?

Recently, I watched Ms Victor Juliet Mukasa, a confessed homosexual on a television talk show hosted by Pastor Gawaya Tegulle and her submission completely changed my stand on homosexuality.

Since the campaign for and against homosexuality began, I thought people just participate or engage in homosexuality due to permissiveness, moral decadence and adventure, which characterise the present generation and therefore it should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

But after listening to Victor’s submission, I realised that we could be condemning sick people who actually need our support most instead of condemnation.

Mukasa confessed that she found it strange the first time she felt feelings for a person of the same sex and even told her mother about the strange experience.

Her submission was very touching and actually revealed to me that people probably engage in homosexuality not because of moral decadence but because there is something that could be biologically wrong with them and indeed they need help from medical doctors and scientists either to correct it or get facts and inform us rather than condemnation.

Therefore I would like to request all stakeholders; government, NGO’s, religious leaders etc to join hands to facilitate research in homosexuality before we condemn innocent people.

We must remember that in case it is found to be true that these people have a biological problem beyond their control, then as government and religious leaders, we shall be guilty of having condemned innocent people.

Phenehas Tukamwesiga,


Interesting, interesting.

Most interesting that the Monitor did actually publish the letter! Way to go!


Anonymous said...

Gug, the monitor actuali always runs stories about homosexuality any which way they come. It is after all the independent daily!

spiralx said...

...and we should also note that, while compassionate, the writer shows such basic ignorance of the facts that he's as much to be pitied as anyone else!

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