Monday, January 12, 2009

Letter in the Monitor 2

Another one.

Sigh, we have to convince people that we are not sick, or mentally defective. [Can you imagine Leonardo da Vinci trying to convince people that just because he was homosexual, he was still a genius...]

Anyway, we are not all geniuses. But we certainly are not sick.

Why am I wandering around? Well, there was this letter from the monitor, which though factually inaccurate, I have to remember that it is 'positive'. A Ugandan's view from London!!

Gays born with mind defect

In response to the letter in Daily Monitor of January 9, “Gays innocent after all?,” I do not know why it has taken so long for the government and the religious leaders to realise that homosexuality is a biological defect. Gays are like babies born with more than the usual number of limbs or conjoined twins.

To some people, this could be classified as a curse but these are normal human beings. Hormones play a big role in determining sexual orientation. In the developed world, they have realised that hounding these people is a crime against humanity, hence the laws that protect homosexuals.

Instead of criminalising these people, the government should take a scientific approach to determine what makes these people different from everybody else. Criminalising gay people forces them underground, which predisposes them to risk of venereal diseases.

Frank Kenga,



spiralx said...

ll, it's an imporvement on the usual ignorance hate. But - "biological defect"?? And this writer lives in London, so he should know better! "None so blind as those who won't see"!

Anonymous said...

Also check out Mwesigwa's silly article in the NV:

A lecturer from a third rate university that cannot teach its's students anything worthwhile thinks he has grounds to criticize the president of the United States for trying to help ALL Ugandans?


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