Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ted Haggard... Again!

Fact is, the saga of Ted Haggard continues its enduring fascination, for me.

And I do like this real, life opera.

So, is dear Ted not gay? Not homosexual? There should be some comparable stories from Larry Craig.

In Uganda? Well, as an update to the Kiwewesi stories, they fizzled out, the public got better current topics of gossip. Wonder how long it would take if Ssempa was...!

But, I am going back to Ted Haggard. Poor Ted.

As if Ted Haggard's downfall from respected homophobic preacher to gay prostitution john and drug user couldn't get worse, it has: Haggard's relationship with escort Mike Jones wasn't his only closeted same-sex relationship. Just in time to drum up more publicity for the HBO documentary The Trials of Ted Haggard comes word Haggard also had a relationship with an unnamed young male volunteer at New Life Church, where Pastor Ted once preached.

The matter was supposed to be kept secret, at least according to the agreement signed between Haggard's just-disclosed other lover and New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Shortly after Jones' allegations surfaced, the volunteer — then in his 20s — came forward to church officials and informed them of his "consensual" relationship with Haggard, 52, according to New Life's senior pastor Brady Boyd, who succeeded Haggard after he resigned. There is an "overwhelming pool of evidence" that shows an "inappropriate, consensual sexual relationship" that "went on for a long period of time … it wasn't a one-time act," Boyd tells the AP.

The story continues. So, Ted had a good long time relationship with another guy. Good for him, or maybe it is bad because he didnt (again) appreciate his sexuality.

A crime to ourselves, that one. We are gay. Not even religion will change our sexuality. For us to grow into good, old age when we are so convinced of our 'wrongness' is something that can be truly horrible. As is witnessed by poor Ted.

And the young man who is cementing the deal? Poor him too. But you will have to read the story to the end, here.



Leonard said...

You love this´s so odd to me that you find this ¨matter¨, the entire megachurch congras are paranoid as hell, yes hell, they don´t know which Daddy/Papi or Mrs/Ms-us is gonna grab their leg next! I love about sexual deviant behavior...those crowd of puritan sickos take the cake!

Anonymous said...

LOL! This reads like a really twisted soap opera.

I don't think much of Ted Haggard to be honest- a man who'd lie his way through life like that expects some repurcussions. But golly! he has a pretty deep closet this man...with all sorts of queer skeletons.

I wonder how many other men will keep coming forward with stories about how Haggard 'loved 'em up!'.

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