Monday, January 5, 2009

The Stupidity of War

This is a war that I found ongoing when I was born on this earth of ours. And it has continued to-date. For a brief, bewildering period, Uganda entered on the side of the Palestinians. That was in Amin’s time. Now, I don’t know on which side of this war we are. Bewildered neutrals? Maybe not. Seems we can never be neutrals. Either for, or against them. Palestinians, and Israelis. We, like all other countries of the world, must always be either for or against. No middle ground.

I am listening to Aljazeera. It is an Arab network, so, maybe they are Palestine friendly.

Israelites have the reputation for intelligence. Don’t think the most recent war with Lebanon bears that out. But then, I am no historian. Nor am I a military person.

Now, they have entered the Gaza Strip.

Gaza Strip. The Israelites have created a ghetto…!

Strong language, especially in view of the history of the Holocaust. But Israelites have created a ghetto for the Palestinians in the Gaza strip. 50% of the people in that ghetto are children. Children, under 18. And they have continued years long blockade of the territory, mirring them in poverty.

Israel says there is no humanitarian crisis.

The Gaza strip, where entry and exit is controlled by the Israelites. The place on earth with the highest concentration of human beings. Those are facts.

Rockets fired into Israel. 4 Israelites killed.

To counter the terrorists, a bombardment, for a week. Followed by a ground offensive. To last for weeks, so say the Israelites leaders.

The Middle East’s strongest army, entering a virtual slum, of children and militants.

Any wonder that 507 Palestinians have been killed? Is a wonder that not more have died.

So, what are the objectives of the Israelites?

Can those objectives be achieved? Realistically?

The public relations war is being won. By the Palestinians. I have no real reason to support one side or another. But when I see a bully, I feel this rage coming up in me. And, all that I see is that Israel is the bully!

But, my ire is just stupidity. My country, my continent has enough problems for me to overlook all others. Yet something nags me. A people that has grown up in a ghetto. The constant deprivation. The constant war.

Those Palestinian children have known nothing but war. And they must take sides. They will take sides. Martyrs are being made, everyday. They have, and will continue growing up in a state of anger. This is a conflict which can never be won, not on the battle field.

And because we, all people on earth, all nations must take sides- there is a singular proliferation of stupidity on all sides of the divide.

Israelites are intelligent? Well, maybe. Group think, that is what Obama thought it was; even I see that they are currently mirred in a stupidity.

Palestinians? Well, they are on the side of right.

Or are they? Hamas, are they in the right? Is there any right and wrong in this perpetual conflict? But, is it okay to mire one’s people into a vicious cycle of hatred and perpetual hate speech?

Fact is, anyone who stands in the middle is an enemy for the two combatant people.

I am listening to Yonatona Shapira, a colonel and former pilot who refused to bomb in Lebanon; he is on the side of logic. But, he is speaking as a heretic. Because he is saying that Israel is in the wrong. Cannot be loved for that, will he?

So, what will happen?

War without end. War without intelligence. The stupidity of war. Whether it is the Uganda government trying to justify war against Kony the Beast. Or it is Somalia, or Pakistan, or Iraq- war has the singular ability to showcase man’s stupidity.

Amazing, but true.


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