Thursday, August 20, 2009

Medical Science and Sexuality

Written 17 August 2009, and not posted. But I want to post it.. Why not?!

It is afternoon.

Have been doing some work. Reading, and also listening to music.

The sun is overcast. Clouds, grey skies. It is still. Not deathly so. The leaves on trees shiver, now and again. But it does emphasize the fact that it is still. Sunshine is weak, watery, and where I am, the shade is cool. Cold I would say, but I wouldn’t go that far.

Beautiful. Am alone, just enjoying myself. Listening to music. Capital fm. Seem to be into that type of music these days.

Music on the air. And in the distance, children at play. Busy little buggers. Play means noise, in quantity. And they are enjoying themselves.


For some reason decided to delve into medical knowledge of homosexuality. Long story. Ok, short of it, the American Psychiatrist Association released something last week declaring that homosexual change treatment was a sham. That it just was not okay for a doctor to tell a patient that they will change their sexual orientation.

That was last week. Didn’t blog about it. I had set myself the task to read more about it. And, well, procrastinated, till now…!

Anyway, decided, if I am to go medical, then I will seek out the best. Not Wikipedia… Too lite. Emedicine, and the article on homosexuality. Language is hard, I must say (is true, doctors speak another dialect!), but it is simpler than when I first read the article. At least, I understood it better, this time.

When we are debating, matter of fact we fly off the handle too quickly. Logic is replaced by political correctness. Yes, I do it. Often. It is refreshing to read a thoroughly professional article that treats homosexuality like any other thing. No redness to the eyes, no spitting derision. You know, reading some of the Christian right articles on homosexuality, I get the feeling ‘homosexuality’, the word is used like a curse. 'Homosexual' so and so. The 'homosexual' did this and that. A damning label. And then, there is us, the out and proud gay. Gay Uganda… Of course that infuriates others. Someone has even tried to counter that with ExGayUganda, for god’s sake!

Back to the medical article. It is thoughtful. It is balanced, and it is well researched, and thorough. Sorry, I am not qualified to weigh the references. But I think they are solid. And it is empty of politicking. Well, I don’t think Ssempa would like the fact that doctors are warned not to promise patients the nivarna of changing their sexuality. And they are warned that it is a necessity to know, and beware of their own prejudices when dealing with gay patients. Gay human beings. But facts are facts… (except to politicians)

The APA advises that all sides have to note that some gay people will still want change. Don’t promise the impossible, they advise. But explore what is possible. Celibacy, changing churches, etc. Aim not for ‘political correctness’ of one type or another- (what is politically correct in Obama’s America is diametrically opposed to what is politically correct in Ssempa and Nsaba-Buturo’s Uganda), aim not for political correctness, but dealing with the individual in totality. Explore sexuality. Affirm the faith. Let the individual be comfortable with what they are, where they worship. Deal with the whole human being, not an isolated part of the whole.

Very thought provoking. Very thoughtful. Kind of makes me wish to study more of this, with less of my personal blinders. (of course they do have their own uses…!)

Have a great day!



spiralx said...

Just came across this, which says quite a lot - a Ugandan resident commenting on homosexuality:

"Some boys believe that to sleep with a man is safe because all the billboards around town show heterosexual couples, with messages ... nothing is said about homosexual couples using a condom, so they think it is safer to sleep with each other than a girl..."

Regimes that would endanger peoples' lives, by keeping them deliberately ignorant - and in many cases, afraid.

A standard tactic in every country in the world (no exception at all). Yet when you look at it like that, what an appalling indictment of any political system - and governments.

Good to remember that there are others doing exactly the opposite. Thanks for that, gug.

gayuganda said...

Yeah, and know what we are accused of doing when we tell people about this? We are 'promoting homosexuality'.

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