Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday afternoon.

It is a beautiful day. Lovely.

Overcast, rain from the east this time, a slow, rolling front, gathering in the sun. Dull? No way. A sense of freshness, a crisp coolness. Now comes the wind preceding the rain, making leaves to sing. Calm. Beautiful. The occasional voice of thunder overhead.

I have just woken up.

Well, Sunday, and afternoon. Means yesterday was Saturday.

Was at my favorite pub. Not as crowded as usual. Thing it was because Ramadan has started. So, will not be seeing my Moslem friends for some time. But the atmosphere was bracing. Music loud, booming. Conversation and alcohol flowing. Beautiful people. Lively.

Went dancing past midnight. Another pub, with a dance floor. Danced with my lover. He was happy. Recent clouds lifted, and we took to the dance floor like we used to. Drew some attention- some jealousy girls who couldn’t break us apart. Not that unusual for a guy to dance with another guy here. Unusual for it to be a couple. Unusual for them to decline women’s offered attention. But the time was special, we were connecting, and despite the attention we were drawing, it was worth it. He was happy. I was happy, and we were dancing. (Yeah, yeah, once we were thrown out of another pub for dancing, but don’t want to repeat that!)

Left late, earlier that I would have wanted, but he wanted bed. Slept, and woke up to some good morning sex. And then more sleep.

Decadent, isn’t it?

And beautiful. Lovely.

Woke up feeling very calm. Seems like there are lots of things to do, that are on my plate, to have finished yesterday. But, and it is a big but, I am alive, am home and loving it. I live.

Some political news. Land wrangles have impinged on my consiousness. I seem to live in a cocoon, my self interest one of the walls around. But the political and social world are stirring. Seems also a political big wig has come back to Uganda… Olara Otunu. Was working in the UN, rose to the level of an ‘undersecretary’ or something like that. Now, he is the hope of the opposition.

Welcome back Mr Otunnu. But, and a big but, in Uganda, the opposition seems to live in courts of law and prison. But you are welcome to your mother land!

Shouldn’t finish this without a gripe. Even the opposition here is homophobic…! Come on, I am a single issue activist. Anyway, was reading how one oppo leader was praising the President for standing up to pressure- to stop homosexuals from gaining ground in Uganda. It wins votes, and, 2011 is election year. Maybe he was just cozening up to the big man…

To my Moslem friends, Happy Ramadan. And to everyone, have a wonderful new week.


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Leonard said...

Happy New Week to you´s almost midday in Central America, the birds are chirping, no sign of rain (it´s the rainy season)...all is well amongst the volcanos.

Glad you had a happy evening out, I cam feel the joy of ¨being¨ from here.

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