Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The little things in life

Funny. It is the little things in life that really matter.

Reading Christian Rossetti’s ‘A Birthday’, my heart went singing along with her. The sense of joy, sense of happiness in the words flowed over me, ‘my love is come to me.’ Such a simple thing love is. Two hearts, two minds that find themselves in synch, together. And one thinks of the other, and smiles. And one dreams of the other, and even in sleep, dreams come alive with happiness. Stress bleeds away.

Not the huge, big things. Not the tight, right things. Not the earth moving, goal breaking that can and does happen. But the small things in life that make it really worth the while. The thought of my lovers smile, his laugh. The simple joy in life that a kiss on the mouth is, holding a warm body close to one, hearing, listening to his heart beat, in the silence of the night. Or the simple joy of having him lie close to me, skin to skin, length to length, bathing face in his sweet breath. Such a simple thing, so full of contentment, such a sweet beginning to a day. It sets my mind at rest. Kind of sets in motion the energies I will have to fire up in the rest of the day.

Reminds me of Whitman, ‘when I heard at the close of the day…’ Indeed, love, what we call love is nothing simple. It is complex. But one of those sweet complexities that a man, a woman is blessed when in this world they share.

I love a man. So? My love is a man and am a man. I will not shy away from that. I will celebrate it, as and when I can. I will hide, I will lie, I will dissemble before a hostile world. But in the darkness of our bedroom, in the warmth of our bed, I will hold him, whisper sweet nothings into his ear, feel him flood me with his self and mutual happiness.

It is these small, sweet things in life that matter. They matter because I make them matter. And I mind because they matter.

Deep thoughts, for a lovely morning. Hope you are ok.

Have a good day.

And to the man who inspires me to write this, love, my heart is singing, because my love is come to me.


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Princess said...

Why GUG, you're sounding all love-struck and mushy. A good thing, I suppose. Have a fab day yourself. :)

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