Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Morning

A beautiful morning, indeed.

Well, Tiger Woods was denied a Major… Was asking myself whether it mattered that much to me. I follow the stats, but the sports? Not at all. Cannot even grace the term ‘arm chair athlete’. That’s me!

The Tiger coughs, for once, and Focus on the Family sells its Ex-gay programme to Exodus International, because of budgetary constraints. Yeah, I am in Uganda, but I have read up on the American ex-gay, ‘Right’, Christian movement. Seems to concern me. More than I would like, but it does. Sigh!

Another week dawning, what with Monday and everything.

Overcast at the moment. Still, cool, promise of sun… Don’t know when it will really rain. Rain like it can, a drenching deluge flooding the valleys, sweeping off all the dust. I am kind of impatient for it. Seems as if we are being teased. Teased, always. I will complain of the red mud soon as it comes. I am human. Very.

Of my friend who is Gay and Christian, I was musing about the conflict going around in his head… What I think he thinks about being both gay and loving god, when all the evidence from his outside world seems to suggest that gay and Christian is a contradiction. What I think he thinks.

I was ruthless enough to cut myself off from faith. But that was MY solution. Cant work for everyone. Wont work with him. But in the meanwhile, he is in the process of working out a solution. Because he is conflicted, and it is affecting him. My problem is, how do I support him, without encouraging him to abandon his faith, like I did? Sigh…! Seems like I have to re-examine what I think about faith…! Why? Because it is important to some people, it has to be important to me too. I cannot just go around faith bashing. As bad as gay bashing, that.

Great, isn’t it? Seems as if our beautiful world is awash with examples of how logical ill-logic is. And how the case of absolutes never holds for us human beings. We seem ready to tear them apart at any and all opportunities.

Now, have a good day. I am going to read some poetry, and then settle down to do some work. Have a beautiful day, and may the week bless you.



Kaybie said...

Found your blog through Princess. Just getting into the Ugandan blogosphere and wow we have some great writers! Been perusing your archives and had to let you know that you have a great voice and I think that the work u do here is really important. I can only imagine what it would be like for a confused gay Ugandan teen to stumble upon your blog and find with great relief that he or she is neither alone nor invisible.

I am Ugandan but have only been living here for a little over 6 months. I can't help but be incensed by the anti-homosexuality hysteria that is being whipped up by our (so called) leaders. I guess to an extent it is a good thing that homosexuality in Uganda is no longer invisible, but the people who are using this issue to be divisive, and for their own political gain are disgusting peddlers of hate. Increased visibility comes with increased exposure to violence and sometimes I really can't tell if we are going forward or backward in the fight for tolerance and acceptance in our society.

Anyhoo, your optimism, your passion, your struggle is inspiring. Though I am not religious in the conventional sense I pray that you and your loved ones remain safe. I hope that we will come to see the tide turn against bigots like Ssempa and Buturo.

I'll leave it at this for now. I look forward to reading more of you

Peace, sunshine and mangoes

Leonard said...

What Kaybie said...

Leonardo Ricardo

gayuganda said...

Hi Kaybie, thanks for those wonderful words. Will try to be as good as you believe me to be!!!!

thanks again,
as Leornado says, Abrazos


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