Friday, July 9, 2010

Gay Bishop of the Church of England?

So, it was not to be.

I was pushing, pushing, pushing in my own way... grin... but, what I did want was not to be. Sorry about that. Aluta continua. Yes, the struggle continues, whether it is in the field of politics, basic right to life, religion, and others.

Members of the Crown Nominations Commission, which includes Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, rejected calls for Dr Jeffrey John to be made the next Bishop of Southwark.
The Dean of St Albans, who is in a civil partnership with another priest, was on the shortlist for the post and was considered to be a front-runner for the job.
David Cameron had been made aware of his nomination and is believed to have been supportive of promoting the homosexual cleric.
However, a secret meeting of senior Church figures has decided to overlook Dr John amid fears that his consecration would have provoked a split in the Church.
There is some interesting insight in what occurred here at the Changing attitude blog.
Of course it is betrayal... ha ha ha. We will always fight that fight, and ask, beg, demand of our allies to treat us as human beings equal to every one else. Yes, even when we do differ in some things. Small things like our sexuality!!!!

Still with Britain, seems a Supreme Court ruling has decided that it is unconscionable to tell gay asylum seekers from countries like Uganda that they can weather the homophobia at home.

Don't know what to feel about that... except being glad. I know, many like MP Nsaba-Buturo taunt us that we should ask for asylum and leave their beautiful Uganda pure. That the anti-homosexuality bill was aimed at that more than anything else, to make sure that the country was untainted by us crazy people.... but, on the other hand, I am also a crazy person who despite all is determined to stay in this country of mine...
But, I am not all gay Ugandans. Nor would I be able to find anything but happiness that others who are like me are able to get relief in Britain when they are persecuted at home. Here is the story.
Supreme court judges predicted that "more and more" gay and lesbian refugees are likely to seek protection in Britain after a landmark legal ruling recognised the rights of asylum seekers.
Five supreme court justices said gay and lesbian asylum seekers should not be expected to "exercise discretion" in their home countries to avoid persecution. Their ruling met with cheers and applause from campaigners.
But the Home Office moved to dampen claims from anti-immigration groups that the ruling could lead to a massive expansion of asylum claims from "millions of people around the world".

For the sceptics, know why it would not lead to thousands claiming gay refugee status? It is because even when out of the country, we maintain links with home. And, one of the hardest thing to do is to come out as 'gay', especially in Uganda, and much of Africa. It means that few except those who are gay (and have burnt bridges homewards) would actually dare to risk being known as pariahs. Even with the confidentiality clauses in law cases.

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Leonard said...

Off Topic: WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE INFORM THE NOT SO HONORABLE ARCHBISHOP OF EXPORTING HATE FROM UGANDA THAT HE HAS BEEN FULLY REJECTED (again) WHILE ATTEMPTED TO THIEVE EPISCOPAL CHURCH PROPERTY IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA (please remember the arrogant letter Orombi wrote to Primate Katharine as he entered Georgia without permission and denounced her and the Episcopal Church)...HENRY OROMBI GET OUT (and take care of your own loathsome treatment of Ugandans who commit CRIMES against nature and fellow Anglicans)! As if Orombi had any moral authority other than the sound of pre-recorded self-praising/righteous selective Scriptural messages blaring from both sides of his mouth!

From The State of Georgia, U.S.A.-

The state's Court of Appeals issued a ruling Thursday in favor of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia and the national church in their two-and-a-half year property dispute with a breakaway congregation.

A three-judge panel upheld Chatham County Superior Court Judge Michael Karpf's 2009 decision naming the Episcopal Church the rightful owners of Christ Church in Savannah.

Church members and leaders have continued occupying the historic Johnson Square house of worship since voting to leave the denomination in September 2007, when they accused the national church of straying from the Bible.

They now have until July 18 to notify the courts whether they will continue with the appeal.

Christ Church attorney Neil Creasy expressed dismay with the ruling.

"It's unlikely the state Supreme Court will take the case," Creasy said. "It's obvious they didn't want to hear it, and so they sent it down to the Court of Appeals."

The Right Rev. Scott Anson Benhase, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia, released a statement Thursday praising the "sound judgement and wisdom of the court."

More here-

spiralx said...

Amusing, too, that in the wake of the UK Supreme Court ruling, Cameroon felt the need to issue a denial that they treat non-hetties shamefully.

Methinks they dost protest too much? Feeling embarrassed, are we? At being 'named and shamed' as one (of many African countries paying lip-service, only, to human rights issues?).

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