Sunday, July 11, 2010

Old vs New

An interesting review of the struggles between traditionalists and progressives in the Anglican Communion. I am not a church historian, and once saw this whole thing simply as an attack on my sexuality. Apparently that is a myopic simplification. It is a bit more than just about my sexuality; the Anglican schism. And, yes, this is a global village where the ideological struggles are not limited to the west, or the east, but also in our poor towns and villages in Africa.

From women, to homosexuals, and I bet there will be another focus of contention when that is resolved.

 The liberals were certain they were doing God's work by dragging the communion forwards, whatever the small print of the resolutions might say. But the conservatives were more convinced the future belonged to them. Christianity is growing fast all over Africa and it is widely claimed – without much evidence – that this is a result of theological conservatism.

Now, besides the ideological and religious changes in thought about gay sexuality, there has been an ongoing, more scientific update of knowledge ongoing. True, same sex attraction is no strange thing amongst all animals, a fact of life that disturbs only us humans, apparently. But, first the docs thought we were sick, then they discovered we were not, and then many of them were treating us because many of us want to change even when we know that we are not sick.

But, now, the science has swung so far the other way that it is agreed amongst many that, not only are we not sick, the posibility of change of sexual orientation does not occur, and, trying the various healing therapies is harmful. The treatment is harmful to the patient. So, British doctors are recommending that it makes no sense to use taxpayers money on 'conversion' therapies.
The annual meeting of the British Medical Association has declared that therapies to 'cure' gay people of homosexuality are harmful.
The body met in Brighton yesterday and more than two-thirds of doctors present backed a call for the Royal College of Psychiatrists and other mental health standard-setting bodies to reject the treatments and ban their use in codes of practice.
Health departments should also investigate alleged cases of conversion therapy being funded by the NHS, the meeting agreed.
What does that have to do with me in Uganda? Global village, you remember? And, it is sometimes funny to find that anti-gay activists blame us for 'importing' homosexuality, and then tell us we can be cured, from imported 'conversion therapy'. Oh yes, they do. What they copy of other cultures is okay, what they accuse us of copying is not... the myopia of self interest.

Actually, very similar to the hypocrisy of Uganda's pastors. Remember the Pastor wars? Ssempa and co accusing various other pastors in Uganda of not being anti-gay enough or being gay? I had not seen this article in the New Vision, and I am not aware of the latest news about that court case, but I am still amused at the lengths these good Chrstian leaders were willing to go to, in their anti-gay fervour.
A witness in the Rubaga Miracle Centre criminal trespass case has told court that Omega Healing Centre pastors, Robert Kayiira and Michael Kyazze, bribed him.
Herbert Tumukunde, a shamba boy at Rubaga Cathedral, said the pastors promised to give him large sums of money, build him a house and fly him to the US if he obtained incriminating information against Rubaga pastor Robert Kayanja.
Tumukunde told the Mwanga II court, presided over by grade one magistrate Esther Nakadama, that a stranger gave him Kyazze’s phone number, instructing him to call the pastor.
“Someone told me that Kyazze had a profitable deal for me to unearth acts of sodomy against Kayanja, so I immediately accepted. The offer was too big to refuse,” he narrated.
Now, to round up news of hypocrisies, LifeSiteNews, which specialises in news about Life, family and culture headlines an article, 'Why is Hillary Pushing Gay Rights onto Africa?'.

Now, I know that that article has been written by a Christian who 'loves' gay people. But, for all the love that this person has, I really prefer the love and actions Barack Obama, President, and Hillary Clinton, Sec of State showed when the Anti-homosexuality Bill was being pushed by my brothers and sisters (Christian) in Africa, mandating death and life in prison for me. Yeah, Hillary Clinton did ring up Museveni to push for my life.... that my country should not mandate death and jail for me because I am gay.

That, that was enough, and continues to be enough for me!



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Hi Gug... I loved your comment about the hypocrisy of 'imports'.. ie: 'importing' homosexuality is wrong, but importing conversion/reparative therapy isn't. And let's not forget, I believe Christianity was imported as well!
Be safe Gug.

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