Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday morning Blues

Very bright early morning. Monday morning.

The day promises to be hot. Bright, livid hot. But, that may be only a promise for an afternoon rainstorm. For now, the skies are almost clear of cloud. Just stragglers here and there. I am awake and happy. Spent a good night in the arms of my lover.

The weekend...

Not without its drama, especially at the end.

Went out to a popular place Sunday eve. Met other guys there. Kuchus. Had a good time. Ogling, (of course), goofing off, being by turns kind, and serious cruel to one another. Gay guys in gay conversation. It was fun.

But later, the entertainer decided to spoil our evening. There we were, seriously patronising their place, and they decide to do a bit of preaching. A song, by a local artist, against gay people. Abali b'ebisiyaga.

No. Didnt feel edified. My money, my time, had come for my enjoyment, not to be told what I should or should not be. And, what the hell, what does that kind of preaching have to do in a bar?
But, this is Uganda. And, such things are common.
We might soon turn into Jamaica. Casual violence against gay people justified. In balads and popular songs.

My partner was pissed off. Sought out the manager. Told her, you know what, even gay people here are spending their hard earned money. Better put up a sign post 'Heterosexuals Only' at the gate.
Sigh.... No, the last was my addition. In thoughts.

We left soon afterwards. Disgruntled, not a little.

Later in the evening, we learnt that at least 3 rugs of newspapers have decided to 'out' more of us.

Now, this is Uganda, but, I still am flabbergasted. Why is my sexuality such an issue?

Fact, the papers do write about us, because it sells. People kind of want to know about us, and they are fed the most ludicrous lies, without a problem. No, nobody checks Mr Giles Muhame when he publishes our photos with the caption 'Hang Them'. They believe that we are out to 'recruit' their children. The politicians and religious leaders agree on how dangerous we are, to some 'moral fibre' of the country.

Muhame, of the stopping stone, has us out again. Am informed that about 20 pics. Havent seen the damn paper. Should I buy it? I am of the opinion that I shouldnt. Simply putting money into the pocket of a man who wants to hang me is not something that I want to do. But, I do want to know who has been 'outed'...

But, it is kind of curious. Why this campaign to out and hang us? Why at this particular time? Why now, especially when campaigns for presidential and parliamentary elections have just started?

Forgive me if I feel a bit jittery that there is an underhand in what is happening. We kuchus are too convenient a distraction for corrupt, inefficient politicians. For one reason, we can barely hit back.

But, today, kuchus are hitting back. Those who were outed before. They served notice, and, today at ten, something is happening at the court. Some people are asserting that, they may be 'alleged homosexuals' but, they are also citizens of this country. Don't know the legal details. But, I do know that I support them.

I mean, our celebrity status is not enough to make it to the hangman's noose, or lynching by enraged mobs. Or, pawns in some uncertain politician's game.

Of course, that reaction sets us up again. The papers will have more to write, and, those of us exposed can, and will be targets. But, desperate times demand desperate actions. It is a war that we will ultimately win. The skirmishes and battles are something that we have to go through. And, there shall be casualties.

I will get to know the names of those outed. I will pull, and push for the courts to restrain the stupid rugs.
Anger is a terrible weapon. But, I sense it in us. Because, we are scared, running, cornered. We might hit back inappropriately. Our livelihoods, our very lives are in balance.



Anonymous said...

You are right, those denunciations sell well and all the international attention this newspaper gets is not helping in a way...Of course, we have to know what is going on...but in the same time, persons like Mr.Muhame just gets more excited about it.

Leonard said...

I wonder if the bar owner played the anti-gay song as a cover since all of you were there mixed with her heterosexual customers? I´m not so certain I would complain as long as the murderous politicos are engaged in this pogrom and there are real dangers when people are passionate and´ll know when, where and how to ¨be Gay¨ when it is more safe.

I and a few others were outed at my Fraternity in College by another Fraternity Brother years ago(who was also Gay and a couple years older)and overnight I became a non-person to some of my ¨best friends¨...I prospered because of that but the climate in Uganda is deadly for LGBTI citizens and most of the so called ¨religious men¨ are thriving on the vulnerability of the ¨least¨ amongst us...that would be us/you.

One thing is becoming crystal clear these past years is that these ¨Godly¨ hypocrites at Church and those ¨dirty newsmen¨ are accesssories to murder (physical, spiritual)...they lead very dangerous lives as they abuse fellow human beings...wouldn´t want to be them.

You´re doing great and thanks for keeping us informed...yes, the ignorance, shame of Jamaica is yet to be resolved...typically the main author of The Anglican Communion Covenant is the retired Anglican Archibishop of Jamaica (Drexel Gomez), a really demented old man who wades through the blood of LGBTI to get to Church and then yakes about his purity...he´s pals with Orombi.

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