Friday, March 18, 2011

Buturo Out. Still fighting Kuchus.

So, Minister Dr Nsaba-Buturo, bane of gay Ugandans, 'gracefully' bows out of office.

Dude has had political misfortune, as Afrogay notes. He was rejected by his people in his parties primaries. He decided to stand as an independent candidate, and lost.....

And, before he even lost, the Constitutional court had effectively thrown out his position as a minister. So, he resigns.

And, not without taking a swipe at gay Ugandans. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill should be passed, says ex-Minister Buturo. I have never heard of the guy who is supposed to replace him.

The outgoing Ethics and Integrity minister Dr James Nsaba Buturo has urged all Ugandans to pressurize parliament to amend and pass the anti gay bill.

Dr Buturo who has been on the frontline in the fight against the practice has made the call at a ceremony to hand over office to his successor James Baba.

Buturo is one of the 9 ministers suspended following a ruling by the Constitutional Court that it was illegal for members of political parties to contest for Parliament as independents or independents to run on a political party ticket without first resigning.

The Monitor story is here. Kind of more fleshed out. But, that is old news..... Really.


I have not been blogging. The curse of too little time in the day to do all the things that I would love to do.... but, I can still blog, cant I?

Doing the rounds. Corrective Rape of Lesbians in South Africa. That thing is really sick.

The South African government has agreed to activist demands to address the increasingly common hate crime of "corrective rape", whereby lesbians are raped by men to "cure" them of their sexual orientation.

Although statistics are lacking, gay advocacy groups estimate about 10 new cases of corrective rape occur every week in Cape Town, a city of 2.5 million.

SA has this reputation of being legislatively good. But, I believe the assesment below is true.

"We're famous as a country with beautiful laws that are not implementable," Yvette Abrahams, the commissioner for gender equality, told IRIN.

"We're sitting in a country where six women a day die at the hands of a husband or intimate partner, so if straight violence is like that, to try and get attention for homophobic violence becomes very difficult."

Guess the good thing is, they can have their government to listen to them. Yes, that is a good thing. I cant imagine what used to happen in the days of Apartheid. Another really sick institution.

I will get back to blogging. Maybe tomorrow. Or, earlier, maybe!

Before... well, here is an interesting take on being gay in Africa. Apparently, these interviews are from Ethiopia.

The kind of thing Buturo and Bahati would love.... the kind of testimonies that they use to justify the persecution of gay Africans.

So, why put it here?

Not so simple, life. It is because I am gay, and African. And, I have to remember that there are others out there, who have gotten to the point of being so self hating that they will actively seek to destroy what they are. As and when they can.

I am speaking of the George Oundo's of this world. I am not sure that Paul Kagaba is not in it for just the money.....!

Be well


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