Friday, March 4, 2011

It is Friday.....

Been inside a room the whole day. Was fantastic. A learning experience.

Kept me away from my computer, and the net. But, I am not saying it was too bad a thing. But, I need to go out and have some air. So, before I do, let me cruise the waves, and surf, and find somethings interesting.

The BBC has been stirring up the waters.... LOL, I know people will always have an opinion on what the BBC does, but, I laud them for putting the question of my sexuality firmly in the public debate. And, they manage in a very interesting way.

Recently, they were in Johannesburg, South Africa. And, they want a debate, and invite dear Bahati, MP, Uganda. And, that was something. I am told that it will air on the BBC, but someone who was there has this to say.

The five-member studio discussion panel included David Bahati, the MP behind the Ugandan bill which seeks to impose the death penalty in certain cases of homosexuality, the former president of Botswana, Festus Mogae, as well as South African writer Eusebius Mckaiser.
Studio audience members were seemingly evenly split, representing various LGBT activist groups as well as anti-gay organisations including the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa) and the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP).
Mambaonline was not allowed access to the studio by security, but according to Coenie Kukkuk, the Director of Operations of Mr. Gay South Africa, who was a member of the audience, the debate was "very emotional".
Kukkuk said: "The shouting from both sides in the audience was so loud that you couldn't hear the people speak. It nearly came to blows."
A key issue in the debate was the question of whether homosexuality is “un-African”, a position vigorously defended by Bahati, who is a born-again Christian.
He also claimed in the debate that children were being "recruited" by gays in Uganda and that gays and lesbians were placing the family under threat.
Wow, Bahati..... the lesbian kiss!

You know what, it is quite interesting when Bahati comes face to face with gays and lesbians. So, he wanted to arrest Miles of the BBC. And, the couple kissing makes him determined to pass the bill? Someone told me that he went and told Bahati, after the debate, that he was gay, and, why the hell did he think he was not African. That, Bahati choked up, with anger apparently.....

LOL, the guy does believe that we are not AFrican. Truly, he seems to do so.

I found a letter in my inbox, supporting Bahati. The premise of the writer was that they had commented on the BBC website, but would most likely not be posted. So, they copied it to me?

I dont know. I am certainly not a worker with the BBC.Maybe they expected me to post it here?

I am not, but, I am picking out an excerpt of the letter.

Some Ugandan men, and Westerners are taking advantage of the undeveloped legal enforcement system/police system, and are hiding behind the guise of equal rights. My uncle is a catholic priest and was abused in boarding school. American visitors came to his school when he was a child, saw him singing in the choir and raped him. In his teenage years he dated a wealthy German man . My uncle now gay is a abusing children. He holds gay parties at our family home in Uganda, in which many underage people attend. He has recently opened an orphanage.
The point being made here is that some wealthy/NGO workers/senior gay people  are abusing boys in organised way. They are able to get away with it because they have religious respect, money or political power.
Some members of the catholic church and western charities are using the battle for human liberties to disguise and multiply disgraceful activities.
I am afraid that my answer was not nice. I do not like to be lumped together with paedophiles. And, Ugandans forget that most of the stories in the news about adults having sex in Uganda, (defilement, it is called) are actually heterosexual sex.

So, what did I reply?


Well, short brief angry answer sent first.

Then, a second later. I advised her to report her uncle to the police. Because it is necessary. The guy is 'defiling' children, giving them drugs. And, Uganda's Penal code covers all these things. So, she should report her uncle to the police. Not try to kill me for her uncle's sins.

Was I too harsh?

Well. I am not happy with those who accuse me of all things that they can, simply because I am gay. I mean, where is the reasoning there?

The Red rug blames Buturo's fall on gays... oh well....!

Now, to some good news.

I am deeply sceptical of religion.... because, some people like Bahati hang on their religious clothes to make a fool of me, and want to kill me. But, when a sincere request is made for forgiveness, I take the gift and examine it. Like this one. It is moving. Read it please. No, it is not in Africa.

A rather unusual event recently took place in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Fort Washington, Md. Several ministers of black churches met with members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community -- and formally apologized for what the organizers described as the church's judgmental attitude toward individuals who experience same-sex attraction and their loved ones.
Its a long story. But, if, you, like me, are concerned about the hate speech from the body which claims the Nazarene, you will be gladdened that some are able to pray for forgiveness. Here is the story again.

I have been telling a colleague that rest and relaxation are very important.

I am taking my own medicine, though I would dearly love to write more.

Be well, and be good


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