Friday, March 11, 2011

Logic made in Uganda

Bahati was right. His Anti-Homosexuality bill is inspiring other African countries to enact similar laws. So, why is it of a sudden that Homosexuality is such a burning issue on the continent? Hope this bill also 'dies' in committee. This is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, former Zaire.

"If nothing is done, considering the support the bill has received in the public opinion, the parliament will probably pass the law that criminalizes homosexuality. Elections are around the corner; therefore the vote of the parliament will depend on the role that law could play in political campaign and calculation. "

The Sexual Practices Against Nature Bill will, if passed, criminalize homosexuality and sexual practices with animals such as zoophilia and bestiality

It will also criminalise any activities that promote the rights of LGBTI persons. Section 174h3 of the Bill stipulates that, "all publications, posters, pamphlets, (or) films highlighting or likely to arouse or encourage sexual practices against nature are forbidden within the territory of the DRC and "all associations that promote or defend sexual relations against nature are forbidden within the territory of the DRC."

Any offender contravening this Bill will be punished by 3 to 5 years in prison and/or a fine of 500,000 Congolese francs (Section 174h1).

OK. Fact is, I have always to acknowledge the weird logic of Bahati, and Ssempa, and the others. Living here, almost insulated from an appreciation of the bigger world out there, they can, and do things which would sound realy off putting. But, in Africa, in Uganda, they just make things what they think the world is like.

Now, here, courtesy of Uganda Urgent Action, is the suggested response of Dr Nsaba-Buturo to any Ugandan who writes to their member of parliament saying that they should not be persecuted. Here is the supposed official response from the government of Uganda.


Dr. Buturo used a letter he had written to someone who

self-identified as gay and it was this reply which he

suggested as a template for other MPs to use.

Dear _________________ ,

What you have described yourself as is a disorientation proper! It is an abnormality per excellence! In their wisdom, most Ugandans see that state of affairs which you are caught up in as an abomination. It does not mean homosexuality does not exist in our society. It does as yourself can testify. There are over 60 former homosexuals whom government is supporting in their rehabilitation effort. They are reverting to their former heterosexual status before they were lured into homosexuality. You too can change under a proper environment. Clearly, it is wrong to ostracise, harass or take harmful measures against the likes of you that have, following different reasons found yourself in that class. You need all manner of support with a view to rehabilitation. I hope that Members of Parliament, in their wisdom will pass a law that protects the human race (Ugandans) while at the same time suuportive of measures that help victims of the abomination. I believe that Homos are human beings with rights to protection and love that we all need. This must not be denied. What should not be acceptable is promotion of a practice that even animals don't practice! Distortion of the Word of God for purposes of selfpreservation is ungodly.

Dr. Buturo

I have been feeling good. The horror of that letter makes all my good spirits to disappear.

Let me try to deconstruct it. I doubt that I will be able to, not in full, not the way that I feel, emotional about it. But, let me try to.

  • To Buturo, PhD, it doesnt matter that medics don't consider me sick. To him, I am sick. Disoriented.

  • I am in need of his special kind of help. Of course. Not another persons who will affirm me. Someone to rehabilitate me to my 'heterosexual self' indeed.

  • It is wrong to persecute me, clearly. Only if it is done in the name of the law, (and God, of course)

  • Members of parliament to pass a law to protect the Human Race! Indeed. To protect against me!!!! gods in heavens.

  • Believes that 'homos' are human beings...... gosh, that needs no comment.

Gosh, I cannot, and will not, go ahead to try to reason with this man.

As I said, the letter is quoted from Uganda Urgent Action. But, it is dear Buturo, pure, simply un-adultered, vintage Buturo.


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