Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The need to think, and yes, to Blog

Thought, effective thought is a necessity.

One of the blessings of writing is that one is actually forced to think.... support or desparage ones own opinion. And, challenge it with what others think. So, I like blogging, and, even when writer's block sets in, I find myself coming back. And, I blog interesting things,.... most of the time.

Weather has changed in Uganda. The dry, dusty heat has given way to some rains. Don't think they will be sustained, but, they are a relief. Was getting too dry.

The country went through elections.

Ok. Correction. Much as I would love to tout Ugandan democracy, being accurate has its costs. I cannot really say that these elections were free and fair.... LOL... witness the farce that occurred in the Kampala Mayoral elections. Yes, I do need to mention things like that. Because, I do not leave in a vacuum. And this is my country, too.

So, elections. Presidential, and local council. And, the ruling party swept through with majorities which show that there is overwhelming support for them. Or not.... I always like remembering what is happening the Arab world.....

But, we have our own problems.

After the farce of democracy in action, the lame duck session of parliament has been called. I believe the first sitting is today. And, if Mr Bahati does not have the Anti-Homosexuality Bill become passed in the next couple of months, he will have to go back to the drawing board.

No. Of course, I do not wish him luck. The dude has too much bitterness for me and people like me to be left to his devices. He is a threat to gay Ugandans, and will remain a threat to us. He simply hates us.

Yes, I am happy Buturo is out of the parliament. And, I have a reasonable hope that the President may not wish to appoint him again. Problem is, he might be necessary. To deflect attention from the corruption in the ruling party. Am quite serious. That is Buturo's real job. Going on crusades against the evil homosexuals, while the scandals of big men caught with their hands in the cookie jar are noisily swept under the carpets. Am talking CHOGM, Temangalo, NSSF and others....!

In other news, here is a photo exhibition in New York.. of Gay Ugandans. LOL, I do recognise some kuchus, really! LOL.

Scott Lively is still alive and well in his country. Doing his thing. Its interesting that a leopard will b so consistent in his failings, and strengths.

Does Apple, the huge tech company, support an app to de-gay people? That is what I gather... But, this blog article kind of put it in perspective. Apple is being Apple? Or is Apple being challenged because it is Apple. Interesting take on it.

There is more, but that is all the time am allowing myself. Of course I am back, never far from the blogging.

All the best


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