Monday, October 22, 2007

Horrible Night

horrible night, cold;
my lover was not in bed.

I'm no angel pure-
he caught me smiling at a pretty boy,
and I spent the night in dungeon;
long horrible night, cold...

I'm a human being,
correction, a man;
sometimes stray the eye does,
won't you have a heart?

(c) GayUganda 22 Oct 2007


Iwaya said...

hehehehehe! I'm sorry! I can't help but laugh at your predicament. Hope all is well again!

gayuganda said...


Have a heart also. Fact is, these things happen. And well, making up is one of those things which happen gto be good.

Actually, I showed him the post, and he then apologised, that he had gone overboard. With the jealousy thing. Usual for him, but well, I also feel jealousy sometimes!!!!

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