Thursday, October 4, 2007

Of my Love

We were in the bar, a kuchu bar. He was talking to someone else. Somehow, I felt the green dragon stirring. I took out my notebook, and started writing.

Imagine, in a bar in Kampala, writing! Demented, yes I am. But I did.

Anyway, this was the result.

P.S. It is not meant to reflect our relationship. Maybe it does, judge it, but gently.


He's the fly,

flirting place to place;

I'm the light, magnet,

always drawing him

back to me, mine he is.

I'm the rock, he's the hold,

in the other we fit-

interlocking, interwoven halves,

each the other needing,

through life's very storms.

(c) GayUganda 04 Oct 2007


The 27th Comrade said...

Argh. This is the kind I don't like. But hey!

Also, I noticed you were writing over there at Mateo's.

Iwaya said...

nothing to open your eyes to what you have like a little jealousy!

gayuganda said...

Hi Iwaya,

fact. nothing like a little jealous to remind you that, well, you do have something!

He always is the jealousy one, I complain. But it is a healthy emotion! (I find!!!!!)

Hi 27th, what is the kind you dont like? Just wanted to remind you that i am still gay, huh!
Dont want you to get deceived by this very normal persona.

Haha! Got you there.

Sometimes it gets had to remember that I am different, so i have to say it, and see you react.

By the way, I was kind of wondering how you figured out who I was. And i remembered the crazy writing at all places. Yeah, that is me. My lover always says I am crazy. i cannot complain, as long as he still loves me, crazy as I am.


Anonymous said...

lol... wanted to remind 27th that you are still gay... lol.

a bit of jealousy is inevitable in a relationship but it can be a problem at times.

i am so tempted to ask what bar you were at.

gayuganda said...

Hi Cindy,

you would ask, i wouldnt tell.

But guess it is no great mystery. Any bar is 'kuchu' bar when a few of us meet together and talk and laugh. Kind of like BHH, though we tend to congregate at some over others. Feels more comfy talking to people who realy understand one, without having to explain a lot or risking a glance misunderstood!

Sasha said...

Thats the kind of thing that i do not miss about being in a relationship! the jealousy! You never know what they are whispering. :)


gayuganda said...

Hi Sasha,

Welcome back. You asked a question, I answered it, but you did not comment, huh?

Kidding, just wondering where you were.

Surfed to your blog. Interesting. Hope you are keeping off the porn. Cause then you will post more often!!!!!!

Anyway, I have you on my list, and have subscribed to your RSS in my google reader, so I will know whenever.

Hang on there, and you will get your man.


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