Monday, October 15, 2007

Study: Youth see Christians as judgmental, anti-gay

I thought that it was only me. But, well, it isn't.

These are not in Uganda. No, somewhere else, but they hold interesting views.

Study: Youth see Christians as judgmental, anti-gay -
"Majorities of young people in America describe modern-day Christianity as judgmental, hypocritical and anti-gay."
"church attitudes about people in general and gays in particular are driving a negative image of the Christian faith among people ages 16-29."
"The anti-homosexual perception has now become sort of the Geiger counter of Christians' ability to love and work with people."
"The vast majority of non-Christians — 91% — said Christianity had an anti-gay image, followed by 87% who said it was judgmental and 85% who said it was hypocritical."
"Such views were held by smaller percentages of the active churchgoers, but the faith still did not fare well: 80% agreed with the anti-gay label, 52% said Christianity is judgmental, and 47% declared it hypocritical."
"Kinnaman said some Christians — including those in the entertainment industry — preferred to call themselves "followers of Jesus" or "apprentices of Christ" because the word "Christian" could limit their ability to relate to people. Even Kinnaman, 33, described himself as "a committed Christ follower," though he has called himself a Christian in the past."

And just in case you were wondering who made the study, and who are going out of their way to publicise these negative findings. Let us guess. Anti-Christs, unbelievers like me, homosexuals, and perverts?
Well, could be, if you were to call these those very unlovely names. (which I know I am called, not so?)
Study: Youth see Christians as judgmental, anti-gay -
Megachurch pastor and best-selling author Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif.
Andy Stanley, senior pastor of North Point Ministries in Atlanta,

In addition to reporting on the negative statistics, Kinnaman used the book to also give advice — from himself and more than two dozen Christian leaders — on new approaches.

Note people:
I have had a sudden change of heart.

I had determined not to put religion on this blog of mine. Yeah, because I am not enamoured of certain people, let me say. But I have had a change of heart. A change of thought.

(One pointer is this quote from Albert Einstein,
"The bigotry of the nonbeliever is for me nearly as funny as the bigotry of the believer. "

Bigot No 1; that is me. But I dont want to be!)

Prepare for a bit of discussion over this week. If you want to invite the Ssempa's, do so.

Let the debate begin...

27th, Chrissy, Sasha, and all the other Christians out there. I have a bone to pick with you. Why is it that me, who is not a Christian, I am the one who sees that you guys are not representing Christ?

Why are you giving the Church such a bad reputation?

You are, even if you are guilty of only letting the Ssempas speak in your name. Or Tovi, or the others.

Why are you playing the Levite and not the Good Samaritan?



Anonymous said...

Hey. man.

What do you think of this statement: "All Ugandans are homophobes"? Not true, is it? You are a Ugandan and you are certainly not a homophobe! Right?

OK, now how about this one: "All Christians are homophobes"? That is just as UNTRUE as the first statement. I am a deeply dedicated Christian and I am certainly not a homophobe! In fact, my favorite Episcopal Bishop is a partnered gay man!

So, get off this ragging on Christians. A great many of us are right on your side!

Jay said...

Well, considering the rantings of so-called christian people in Uganda, according to GayUganda's press clips, I can understand the position he takes, bolton...

If they were TRUE christians, though, they wouldn't act this way - instead of spreading the word of love, they are nourishing hate.

If one believes in God, then one must therefore believe that God created us all, and that with a purpose. However, I don't think the purpose of homosexuals is to give "true christians" a way to vent their anger and hate. I actually think it's rather presumptuous of us mankind to try to interpret the purpose and will of God - but remember, the underlying message in the new testament is the message of love.

I am not a christian (just to make that clear)

Anonymous said...

Of course, Globetrotter!

Of course many - even most - Christians are the most awful people, and they have learned to hate with great expertise. It's astounding that they worship a God of love and end up as experts in hatred and cruelty.

As a gay Christian, I have been spit on and cursed and beaten up and excluded more times than I can count, but the core reality of my religion is that I worship a God who was ALSO spit on and cursed and beaten up and excluded and eventually KILLED!

So I find my God, my Christ, as someone who has actually stood in my shoes, and suffered my pain, and never stopped loving me and has never left my bruised side.

That's a God I think any gay could worship and cling to -- not the God of the bigoted Archbishops!

Gay Nairobi Man said...

I used to consider my self a Christian- as in follower of Christ. However every time I came out to a fellow Christian, their attitude about me changed. I slowly turned away in my belief and these days consider myself agnostic. My turning way although influenced by my sexuality, has more to do with the hypocrisy I associate with organized religion.

Unknown said...

Hmmmmmmm, wudddupppp GUG, yo; i was just waltzing through your blog and my my my, seems my name pops up in a few places. I guess I'll be checking out your blog more often. Too bad I dont have one myself.

Anyway just in response to a few comments and posts that included me: I would like to say:

1. That letter I wrote in ... was it New Vision or the Monitor ... i dont know. You should see the full version not the edited published one. But let's face it: homosexuality is illegal. And I am one of those "hate crazed homophobes" (i call it protecting common sense) that continue to fight against its legalisation. So, in its illegality, how do you then offer health services to the illegal, you would have to first recognise the illegal as legal before you can make a national plan for them. An idea I am fighting.

2. I don't hate you or any of you. You will be surprised at some of the friends I have. Even in school - the shunned "homos" were my friends - up to now!! Some renounced their old ways, are now saved (glory to God!!). But just coz you are my friend doesn't mean I have to support you in your mistakes. No, I dont have to. We can stand on opposite sides of the line and still be friends.
If I came off as your enemy, I am sorry, forgive me!! But yo, call it paradoxical, call it hypocritical, I dont know exactly how it works but somehow, I am a friend to people across the line, maybe one day even you ....

3. As a Christian, .... you tell me!! Honestly speaking!! No jazz or muwawa!! Do you see yourself standing before the throne of the Perfect God and screaming at him: wwoooohoooo, I know you enjoy seeing me do my thing with my partner. You made me this way!!
I don't know maybe you do!!! But that's where we part - me, I can't even see myself standing before that throne minus the Blood that cleanses. Ayyayaaa, i can just see all that porn I watched, all those lies, the things I have stolen ...... all pointing at me and saying: LIAR. I can't! I just can't!! How do I even start? But see, the same grace he has poured onto me to cleanse me with His Blood is the same available to you. Just think about it. Dont think about me or my nonsense and my flaws or whichever xtian!! Just look up at the throne and then look at yourself - just like I did.

4. And now!! Me as a "homophobe" Tell the truth - I just can NOT stand by and let homosexuality take root here in this country. I can't!! I mean, my kids (I guess I'll be having some in the future, provided i ever get a chic)... anyway, my kids, maiiinnnnnn!! I don't want them to go to a school promoting homosexuality because it has been legalised and all that. I don't want them to even get the idea that exits can become entrances. I mean seriously, I want grandkids, I want a generation in my name. And if you guys are legalised here, my chances for my kids just go like POOF!!

Anyway, if you reached this far down in this letter!! In conclusion, I am just saying for real: hypocritical, paradoxical or whatever - I don't hate you, I hate homosexuality. Yes, it is a part of you and it will remain a part of you I will not accept - just like I have never accepted it with any of my other chaps.

Oh and I've just seen that story of the xtian guy defending you - KUDO's to him. God's surely smiling down on him, as he also aches for you to look at him and return his smile.

And ..... this writing homophobe's real name is:
Matovu Lwanga Stanislaus
Male 25yrs old at MUK
Tovi Ellesse

If you know me, holla ... if you want to throw axes, bombs and shoot at me, you can go ahead too!! Make sure you aim in the right direction: at MUK, behind Livingstone Hall, outside the Vet gate in some cheap rental near there. Oh and if the missile misses that area, you can always aim at me in my village in Gayaza. Just let me know when you plan to aim so I may make sure I am within missile radius.

Heeheheeeee, just playing!! Be cool bra!! And may GOD TRULY BLESS YOU and open your eyes. Perhaps when we meet upstairs after this world is over, then - we shall know the truth!! who was wrong!? But wait, .. I know I am right. Anyway, if you accept the Cleansing Blood, we'll meet upstairs - perhaps 500 yrs from now.

Be cool now and spit no venom!!

gayuganda said...

Dear Tovi,

Welcome back. I am sure you will have many chances to post here.
I have just posted a very long message that Pastor Ssempa wrote to me. It is at the head of the blog, at the moment.

Of the things that you have written?

What can I say?

You say you dont hate me, but you want me to get HIV.

Dear Tovi, I am overwhelmed by your love.


Unknown said...

Ooohhhh lovely response, GUG! Touche!!

But I also say: your choice not mine!!

gayuganda said...

Thanks Tovi,

I guess.

Unknown said...

wait, GUG, that's all!! No tantrums, no nothing!! Wow, truth is I get impressed with you each post that goes by!! You have open ears and are very CIVIL. Say, u r not British or anything?

anyway, my choice, your choice. i just pray we all make the right ones - i made mine!! In the end, all this noise doesn't matter. What matters when we die will be: did I know Jesus?

I really should get to church. You are a very interesting Ugandan and i guess the truth will find you when it finds you. I'll see you around.


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