Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Independence day 09 Oct. 2007, for Uganda

I am dedicating this poem to all Ugandans. Everywhere. Happy independence day.

A little on what inspired it.

I got out of bed early, as usual. I must say I did not want to. My love’s warmth was an attraction, and we were holding each other so close that I felt there was something to be missed, getting out of bed.

But I did. The call of the morning.

Independence day. I hold little flame for most public holidays. They seem not to exist for me. But my mother-in-law is visiting, and my love is in bed, and the day is beautiful. No wonder that my heart is singing with praise, a worship of the joy of being alive.

I saw this guy. I know him, a bare acquittance. He is a poor guy, failed to continue in school about a year or two ago. Now rides a ‘boda-boda’. So, early morning, he gets up as usual, to go do his work, even on Independence day.

He is quite, not much of a talker. He is kind. And he attracts me.

(I know, I am ‘married’, but I am also a human being, and I do look. I am no angel, nor would I like to be!). I was looking at him, and I started writing this poem.

I must say I barely know him. To me, when I saw him this morning, he was like a catalyst for this poem, and I wrote it.

I dedicate it to all Ugandans. May you know this beauty of heart.


there’s a beauty of the hearts,

that’s forever tempting-

a child’s boundless innocence,

its sense of love and trust;

a youth’s reaching confidence,

not yet there but willing to try;

a heart that’s gold with love;

the parent’s anxious attendance-

dad’s beaming pride,

mum’s enveloping hug;

there’s that beauty, a wondrous face

may try imitate but-

its of the soul, the heart,

shining though the person silent be;

tugging the heart with diamond chain-

a favour to find, to see, to gaze;

there’s a beauty of the hearts…



Sasha said...

Hi gug,

congratulations on you independence day. Its a good thing to have gotten rid of the colonial killers and robbers of the mother land.

Its a shame that most people are still colonialised in their mindsets though, with their bigotry against homo sexuality!

Now the day you will see the independece of the gay man to be who he is, that day will be worth writing a poem about!


gayuganda said...

Thanks Sasha,

may that day find me alive...

Anonymous said...

That day will find you alive.

Remember you have got a lot of faceless friends and well wishers

gayuganda said...

Thanks Atin

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