Friday, October 12, 2007

Eid Day

It’s a beautiful day outside. Very beautiful, even for Kampala.

(I have a sneaky feeling that my appreciation of it is partly because my mum-in-law has gone back home. But still, it is beautiful.)

How beautiful?

How can I describe it? The sun is out, high. A golden ball of rays in a pale blue sky. Not too hot. Not too mild. Just right. I live in the garden city of Kampala. Not too good a neighbourhood, not too bad. But I live within trees. And those trees are being stirred by a breeze. Intermittent. Cheeky. A stirring of the green now and again.

No rain at the moment. Maybe later in the day. Was there yesterday, but of now, Kampala is basking in beautiful mild weather with a sun that is a warm glowing blessing to all below it.

Kampala. Uganda.

How I love home! Yeah, I am biased, it is home, and I love it, but so what!

Guess what, yeah, it led to this poem. Enjoy!


I’m as close to heaven

as I can ‘proximate;

the love of my heart’s in my bed,

the quiet beauty of the morning

to inhale and see I am home,

Mozart’s adagios, cool music to the ear;

And I am alive, living, me.

Close to heaven?

No. Past it, in heaven;

I’m living in heaven on earth.

©GayUganda 12 Oct. 07

Eid Mubarrak to all my Moslem friends. Eid Mubarrak.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Eid from across the miles to you too!

Grew up with family friends who were Muslim (African and Arab). As a child, unfortunately, the meaning and message of Eid totally escaped me but I looked forward to the food... yum, yum.

Mozart’s adagios - ahh bliss

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