Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I love blogging.

I simply love blogging. Today, I woke up with a headache, a real one. Last night I went to sleep thinking about a certain cleric’s words. Apparently, the Mufti of Uganda, Sheik Mubajje, would like me marooned on an island in Lake Victoria, and stay there until I die. He sold the idea to the President, who apparently did not comment.
The Mufti went ahead and told the press of his brainstorm. It was reported.
Now, I had a good long day yesterday. I did not read the Monitor until a friend from Kenya asked about the Mufti’s comments.

I was unhappy. I was very unhappy!!!

Unhappy enough to dream of nothing else till the morning. Unhappy enough to ruminate on it in my morning reading of poetry. Had to get this poem on love and read it, a zillion times till I could feel the love of the lover running through every line in my memory.

But I was still unhappy.

Yesterday, I left this horrible post railing against my Christian friends on the blog. They were very silent. I had planned to send another broadside today. Because I am unhappy!
Gosh, that is how it works. Mood just seems to weave an invisible skein through everything that I do.

But then, I saw Bolton’s comment.
Why do I rail so much against Christians? Bigotry, Bolton. That is the reason. I have this sense of martyrdom, that ‘Christians’ are persecuting me. I forget that not all Christians are. I forget that there are some great guys like Cindy (sorry, sometimes I write Chrissy) and 27th and Sasha. And Bolton of course.

That is why I love blogging. Because there is a sense that I can share my thoughts and have them corrected, or challenged. The bigotry in them can be challenged. Please, be a friend, and do not hesitate to challenge my very cool assumptions. Humility is a bitter but great pill!

Now, I can really rubbish the Mufti’s comments.

I cannot believe that they weighed me down for such a long time. I am relieved. Sometimes I am weighed down by the perception of how bad other people see me. I was just ready to cry out on the blog, in a yell, that ‘Why do you persecute me?’ why do my fellow Ugandans find me so loathsome?
But Bolton’s question acted like a lancet into the boil of self pity.


The Mufti’s comments are worthless. He uttered them. Before only his friends knew that he was so shallow. Now the whole world is commenting. A leader who lauds Hitler’s logic.
Friends, I hope you do not think that this reflects on all Ugandans. Or all Moslems. Not even Ugandan Moslems. No, it was just the Mufti.

Even I have to remember that.

Thanks Bolton.

And by the way, what I had not seen of the day is beautiful. Really beautiful.
Rain threatened, but it was like only a few drops, though the children going to school had to run in it. I was supposed to come into town early, so there was no warm bed for me today, nor cuddling, though I stole what moments I could.
But for now, the clouds have lifted, from my mind, and the sun is out. Beautiful. Sultry. Warm. It is a beautiful day in Kampala. Hope all of you find it that beautiful.



Anonymous said...

"...like a lancet into the boil of self pity". Great writing. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

You must be in hiding because if we get you i mean 'RUHS' (Rid Uganda of Homosexuals) we shall torch you to death. Stop corrupting our society, our morals and our children. We shall fight this battle to the end. The Police have agreed to offer us all the support we need, religious leaders are coming out strongly and the President is on our side, so if i may ask, where in Uganda will you HIDE.
My request to you is repent, confess your sins and you will live freely in your country.

gayuganda said...

Hi Tetue,


Hi Mr/Ms Anonymous. Or Mr/Ms RUHS.

Actually, you can post under your own name here. Dont have to fear that.

Yeah, seems you have lined up everybody! You know, after hiding for so long, I guess I will have to say we shall hide where we have been hiding all along. In our beautiful Uganda.

Dont you think?

Anonymous said...

dear gay and lesbian HUMAN BEEINGS
I think you are very strong and brave people to fight back!Please continue and hopefully there will be support from my country The Netherlands. Kind regards, Petra

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