Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Day of Degrees

It is a day of degrees. Sun is out, but clouds hide it. Grey, yet light enough for me to appreciate that it is a beautiful day. It feels deceptively cold, bet the temperatures are in the mid twenties. It is the grey of the day and the lack of sun which seems to be cold. And when the wind stirs, fitfully as it is doing, it brings a whisper, a remembrance of coolness to the skin. For a second or so, then it goes. I think it is more humid than usual.

Ambient weather. An ambient temperature. Bet I could walk around naked very comfortably. Not too hot, not too cold, just fittingly, pleasantly, ambient temperature.

Valentine’s day today.

Unromantic me, I thought a good workout in the morning would do. You know, skin to skin, breathing him in, holding him like he is a part of me. It was appreciated.

But my more romantic half wants the day marked in a more special way. So, I will have to think about it!

My bones expect that the sun will be out in the afternoon, and that it will be a very beautiful sunny day.

No more rioting in Kiseka market. That was controlled, by the military police. Ugandans out there, ever thought that the country is militarising by degrees? Truth to tell, I was more comfortable with the un-inspiring khaki police and their AK-47s, than the guys in red and blue berets and camouflage uniform.

But they did control the riot. For now. Lets wait for the next one.

The MPs, parliament this time, are happy that they are big men. And women. So they are going ahead to claim privileges.

Power to them, I say! Till they are dressed down, of course.

The President says he is going nowhere. Life presidency? Will have to amend the constitution when he tops 75, if I remember well. A referendum in the future I think.

The ‘cold’ land wars are continuing. Depends on which papers opinion you take.

Same old, same old, same old things, huh.

But not to appreciate that it is a new day, a beautiful new day, is positively criminal. The sun is now out, like a shy girl’s smile golden, turning the green of the leaves to a green gold. And I am a alive, and appreciating life as is.

So many are the times that we forget the beauty of the day as is, because we are too involved in trying to make it better. Trying to make it in our sense of a heaven on earth. That is why love is so beautiful. One finds all the beauty of the world in the love of one human being.

Be in love, enjoy the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day



Afriboy said...

Happy Day of Love to you!

Mark Olmsted said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you. You write so well I felt the Ugandan sun on my skin as I read.

gayuganda said...

Thanks Afriboy. Hope yours was as good.

Marc, too much flattery makes this guy too big headed. If my next post is a flop, i am blaming it on you.


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