Thursday, February 21, 2008

A quiet morning in Kampala.

Quiet. But I am far from the hustle bustle of the city. Am in the garden valley that I call home. And the sun is out, though softly, the clouds are low, though not heavy. And it is a quiet morning. So quiet that I can hear the song of birds now and again.

Music in the background, one of the FM stations. A vendor crying his wares. That is all the noise assaulting my ears. Apart from the sussulation of tree leaves in the wind.

Of the news, the red rug reports that Inzikuru, Uganda’s champion runner is divorcing her husband. Haven’t read the full story, (you guessed,) because it is in the red rug. I don’t know whether to trust or not.

Love is a beautiful thing. Its all roses and blooms, but roses have thorns. I try to remind myself of that all the time. I trust my partner, I do! But when the green dragon rears its head, well, sometimes I do show that I am jealousy. Like yesterday, and everyday!

Inzikuru. From the papers, I think she put on hold her running career last year to give birth. But now, seems the hubby was not very faithful. Typical African male. Correction. Typical male of the species.

Yesterday was talking to a friend. Gay friend. Told him that people expect me to play match maker. People I do not know send me texts asking that I match them up with someone else. I don’t see the logic. I am in a relationship, I don’t know so many who are not, and my blessing… Let me admit that it puts me in an uncomfortable position. How did I make it work? That is the question. How do I make it work?

I have not sat down to analyze it.

I love him. He loves me. Somehow, we have solved the problems that we have had in the last few years. And we have stuck together. Doesn’t mean that it is till death us do part. Yes, that is what he thinks. No, I am more realistic.

My friend told me to step back and think. People know me, know us, and they admire the fact that we are sort of ‘out’ and about as a couple. So, when they do want a relationship, they think I may know the magic behind it.

In the government, the Head of the executive has decided that the judiciary has learnt its lesson. After more than a year (could be two or three), he has decided that there are Ugandans to feel the vacancies on the judicial courts. Imperial presidency. Constitutionally they are not supposed to listen to him. So, he finds a way of making them listen.

Of the madman Kony in the north? Cannot believe it that the guy may go scot-free, after the misery of 20 years. But yes he might. Though the International Criminal Court may not agree.

It is a really beautiful morning. Inching to midday of now.

I have been following the American reality show of an election. Interesting reading. Will Hillary tear apart the Democratic party to secure the nomination? Die trying, the phrase is. Fascinating.

Reminds me of a ruling party MP in Uganda who was threatening to kill one of the Electoral Commission secretaries in Kalangala because she was not ‘following ruling party orders’. A little matter of an election which was rigged, annulled, and has to be redone.

I understand the fervent desire for change. When there is so much bare faced corruption which is winked on officially, reported and one hears of never ending ‘commissions of inquiry’, one wants change. Especially the youth. Enter a messiah who promises change. Obamania. But the ‘No Change’ slogan and forces are considerable and have to be reckoned with.

Change, evolutionary change, is a matter of necessity. How it happens is a problem. It is very interesting to draw a parallel between what is happening in the US, and in Uganda.

One thing I don’t want to change, the beauty of this garden city I call home. I want it to be as green, as mild, as wonderful and fascinating to my eyes as it is now.

But ‘every fair from fair sometimes declines’.

Like Obama, I will leave you believing that is original…


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