Friday, February 15, 2008

Post Valentine

A beautiful day out. Really beautiful.

Maybe it is the fact that I am in a great mood. Beauty is a perception, and sometimes when it is this beautiful, and my mind’s clouds are threatening, I barely notice it.

Sun is out. Past midday, but not so bright. Not very hot. A breeze from the lake, some clouds in the sky, and the fitful stirring of the trees.

I am alive.

Yes, something to celebrate. Being alive in this super mad world of ours.

Woke up early, and felt the pull of the morning. It was so beautiful, the morning, I regretted why I had not come out much earlier.

Got my book on poetry, and wanted to read. Couldn’t read much. Wanted to look at the morning. Wonder why it was so pulling.

Nothing new in it. As usual, but the freshness of the air, the heavy hanging cloud which seemed to be holding in the heat. It gave a false promise of a day of rain. False, because deep in my bones, I felt that the sun would be out.

I live in a valley. Felt pulled, got out of the house, took a walk to the main road nearby. Too early for traffic. A few kids and workers off to work and school.

Calm, cool, quiet. I was at peace.

Felt so calm, I wanted to sit down by the road side and read my poetry, taking in the cool of the morning. Desisted. I am a weirdo, I know, but there are things which would brand me possessed.

Valentine’s day? It was beautiful.

The day was the day. The night, well, we went out. Sat outside Speke hotel. Dinner, but what was most striking was the beauty of the place. Under the trees, the night warm, the sky clear, cloudless, stars out, dimmed by the electric lights.

I sat with my lover at the table and drank in that beauty. I was really happy.

Don’t mind that some may have noticed my hand holding his, or touching him once in the while. It was a beautiful day, it was Valentine, and I was with the man I love.

Talk of being charmed.

News from Saudi Arabia. A woman who is going to be killed because she is a witch. Life is odd. You know, that is one of the worst accusations that can happen in the Ugandan country side. There is a law on the books against witchcraft in Uganda. So help me a god I do not know, but that law is there.

But few are prosecuted.

Worse. If there is such an accusation, the people take it into their hands. Out in the countryside. They kill the person. Mob justice.

(Yet the people go to some witchdoctors who are recognised. Don’t know why some are bad, and others are revered!)

In Saudi Arabia, it seems they are more sophisticated. The law is not there, the crime is non-existent, but an illiterate woman can be forced to sign a confession, and … It is a sick world, in more ways than one!

Talking of matters of faith, the Church of Uganda, Anglican, has confirmed that they will not attend Lambeth. I love Ugandans.

We are usually the ones in the lead. So, we Africans, (me exclusive), are breaking the Anglican communion over the homosexuality issues.

Don’t know what to feel about that.

Once upon a time, I was in the Church of Uganda. That is before I realised that I cannot inherit a faith with my genes. It has been a long journey. From there, through sometimes stronger belief, confusion, despair, and letting go.

Now, I no longer believe. Don’t know how I really feel about the Church of Uganda’s action. These guys (and they are guys, with only a smattering of girls) really believe that we are the worst kind of people. They do not talk to us. We are very inhuman beings, us kuchus. According to them!

Well, good luck to the Anglican Communion. It is a historical thing to happen. Last time such a thing happened was when? I know of the reformation, Martin Luther etc. So, is this a new split in the church?

Err, the land wars. Are they going to be cold or hot? They continue.

Ever heard of the words An Imperial Presidency? France comes to mind, Nixon’s days in America? Museveni in Uganda? I am no business major, but I do realise that the gentleman is giving a very good practical lesson in how centralisation of authority can cripple a country’s decision making. Taking the rubbish off the streets of the capital has to be signed off at the Presidential Palace!

Now, I have really digressed.

It is a beautiful day. Enjoy it.



Princess said...

Beautiful imagery. You have a way with words: you evoke feeling and provoke thought.
As always, you have given my mind something to chew on.

gayuganda said...

Thanks Princess.


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