Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day of a Leap Year

I should have remembered that extraordinary things do happen, as they do, on such an odd day.

What has happened?

Kenya. Koffi Annan has been successful.

Kudos to him. And to all the others that have been taking part in the negotiations.
Kenya was in diplomatic intensive care. And the diplomacy has been really intensive. I am surprised at the maturity of Kenyans. Such a huge excuse for war and they do not slip into one?


Cant put my finger on why this has been so.
Uganda, well, the army would be in charge. Very fast. Within a week of the chaos. Rwanda? You heard President Kagame’s opinion. Tanzania? Odd neighbors there. They do not seem to react like the rest of us.

Maybe we have changed. Coup d'etats are no longer that fashionable. If it doesn’t happen in Kenya at such a provocation, will not happen in Tanzania, then seems the odds are that, well, they are out of favor.

The elders.

A funny idea that. So African that I wonder whose brain child it was. But it works. Or at least I expect that it has worked. I did not think that Annan could pull it off. He has had a lot of help, but he has pulled it off. Kudos to him.

Found out this morning that M7 was taking some of the credit. Personally, am doubtful. He showed very early on that he was partial. At least that is what I think. Any wonder that it was Kikwete and Mkapa of Tanzania at the final signing ceremony?

Now, I know who will be my nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008. Either the Elders collectively, or Annan.

But we are not very sure that the peace will hold, though, knowing Kenyans, I think it should.
Kenya, out of intensive care onto the general ward. Careful, the general wards in Africa have a tendency to make the patient chronically ill.


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spiralx said...

Ahh... as some Kenyans are already saying, let's see how it works out. Good start, but do they have the courage and conviction to make it stick?

As a black American might say: "Yo', bro', you can talk da talk. But can ya walk THA' WALK, my man?"

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