Friday, February 22, 2008


Time inching to midnight. Less an hour or so.

Blogging of course, else I would be preparing to get into bed. He is cooking, I am in the sitting room. Nice and cozy, am in my birthday suit. Very comfortable.

Music on the radio, the purr of the fridge in the background. Outside it is a full moon. Brilliant. There is some haze, but not too much. Wish I could sit out, but that wont do.

I intended, did write a piece about the Church of Uganda, and the eminent break up of the Anglican Communion. Wanted to post it, but am not able to.

Controversy. No, I am not shrinking from it. Not one of the things that I will not discuss.


Now, he is near me.

This thing called love, sometimes it amazes me. A chemistry that is undeniable.


Had forgotten to update on the Senegal arrests.

The guys were released, and then there were riots in Dakar, Senegal

Garbage bins were set on fire as organizers in front of the Grande Mosquee de Dakar demanded that all homosexuals in the country be rounded up and jailed.
When police ordered the protestors to disband some in the crowd began throwing stones. At that point police fired teargas into the crowd.

"We want homosexuals to be wiped out in this country," said organizer Cheikh Tidiane Ndiaye. "We will continue to fight for Senegal to become a Muslim nation."

Protesters chanted "Allahu Akbar [God is Greatest]".

And note the comments below.

“One of the defense lawyers in the case said that the international attention on the case may have backfired.

Attorney Ralph Monye said that the case might have faded away because gay sex offences were seldom prosecuted.”

A common problem. When we come out and say, treat us like human beings, we do risk a backlash. Increased homophobia. Giving our opponents political strength. But if we don’t, well, we continue being treated as less than human.

Of the Church of Uganda, well, first they will not attend the Anglican Lambeth conference;

14 Feb 08 The Archbishop of Uganda said today that bishops from the country will not be attending the Lambeth conference later this year.

Now they are threatening to break up the Anglican union

“"Anglicanism is just an identity and if they abuse it, we shall secede. We shall remain Christians, but not in the same Anglican Communion," Church of Uganda spokesman Aron Mwesigye said.

If you don’t know what abuse of Anglicanism is, it is the inclusion of people like me.

Well, that will also mean that we can invite the Episcopal Church in America to set up a branch in Uganda? I guess so. Where will gay Ugandans who are Anglicans be worshiping from?


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