Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday, Before Noon

Strange unsettled weather pattern.

It is morning, soon slipping into the afternoon. But it has been a strange, blustery, blowing morning, mixed with times when the sun was bright, but not convincingly hot. Clouds in the sky, racing to the west. The dirty, pregnant wool of rainy promise. But something tells me that rain today may not be likely.

A reflection of my mood.

Dark, with flashes of brilliant light interspersed. Had a good night, no great. And the early Sunday morning in bed was fantastic. Read what you want in that! Got out late, read a poem, wrote another, and have been lazy and not want to commit to anything.

My lover promised to groom me, something that I do like, a lot. I mean, just lying there as someone does these very personal things for you. Reminds me that no one else can do them. Problem was that I had ‘sinned’. Done something which he doesn’t like.

Oh, one of many things, but this one we cannot talk too much about. He is extremely jealousy of my attention to anyone else, including my relatives. And well, he would like to have me acknowledge him above them. Or something like that. Have not yet figured out how!

So, he groomed me, because he had promised, in a thunderous silence, and now refuses to talk to me. Needs a kiss and a cuddle to make up. Funny thing is, we all agree that he is unreasonably jealous, but doesn’t stop him from acting like so!

The communist has put up a hilarious post. Wondering why nobody is supporting Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Seems to offend his sense of ‘fairness’.


I wondered aloud at his blog why none seems to support the Austrian grandfather/father House of Horrors man. Surely the lack of support for this excellent example of humanity should also be highlighted?

I used to be an idealist. Very much so. Until I realized that the practical lessons of life, especially in Africa, demand that one is a realist, not a ‘head in the clouds’ kind of person. Forcing life to bend to our perception of it. Life is not kind to one who tries to do that. Not in Africa. Sight, perception has to be as clear as possible, even when we know that it is not ‘politically correct’.

Its great. I have managed to write this much. I thought that I would not be able to. The day is beautiful, but I have to push away quite a lot of the cobwebs. To see the sun’s smile.

Have a good Sunday. Have a kiss and cuddle to give to someone.



DeTamble said...

"in a thunderous silence, and now refuses to talk to me."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Does he also stomp around and slam doors?

Poor you, me thinks you put up with quite a bit. And you also have us to deal with ...

And then all that bed time...or wherever you do it, I'm surprised you still have enough energy to work.

The 27th Comrade said...

:o) I put me answer there in the comments. I did kind of defend that "House of Horrors" guy. But even more, Mugabe was given more than his own vote. Don't you think the people who voted for him are being silenced? I know better than to trust uniform opinion in a case like this.

gayuganda said...


my reply is a quiet silence.

27th, defender of the indifensible, I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

if i offend thee, pray forgive me, my curiosity overwhelms my manners. but are all gay people this... passionate?!!

gayuganda said...

Hi Anon,

that is an interesting question.

Arent all human beings this ...passionate? I mean, yes, I use the romance novels that I have read of straight relationships to compare, and I guess this is 'normal', isnt it?

I am very curious to know what strikes you as 'passionate' anon!

Yes, I know it is not very good manners, and as deT has been trying to say for too long, I am a 'prude' but I am also curious of your take on this. Please say!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

THis is to your "Sexual mores" blog, i was unable to post my comment there i wonder why?
my oh my, havent you caused quite a stir! very kind of you to accomodate my curiousity. the passion of which i spoke is that reflected in your writings about your life. yes, it may be a character perk on your part or perhaps mine is a life so jaded that i find yours 'passionate'. and one more thing, it was not sex to which i refered.
to deTamble: my plight does not will me to leave my name (i see ur feathers were ruffled by the other Anon. over there)
so purposes of 'almost-regonition' i shall sign off as "SATIN"

DeTamble said...

SATIN. Cool, the machete has been placed back under the pillow.

On another note, for a while my sleep addled mind managed to change 'Satin' to 'Satan' and I got all excited...then when I realised it wasn't, I was rather disappointed.

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