Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Child.

Have just been to see Daddy. My Dad.

Old man was into new year cheer. Sons and daughters have been visiting him. We are all young enough to have new, growing families. He loves grandchildren. And the visible signs that we, the generation after him, has grown up and is taking care of business. Growing the clan. He is proud. He is happy. And he feels like the world has meaning.

So, elder most brother has three boys. And sis, a modern woman, born after me, has two. And, the next has three kids, and the next, brother, has four boys, and counting. My younger brother’s wife is pregnant. Err, and the story continues.

So, of course that begs the question. Where is gay brother in this expansion of the clan?

Big question.

And a problem for me and mine.

Of course I can have a kid. Problem is the mechanics of it…!

(Ha, the trials of a gay brother!)

The old man has told me he wants at least one kid. Qualified this time, doesn’t matter whether girl or boy. That kind of simplifies the conditions. At least according to my Dad. He knows that I am gay. Accepts that I am living with my lover, a man. But, he still needs a child from me. So, if it is a girl, I do not have to be told that he needs a man-child. (At least that is what he thinks.)

That rules out adoption- easier than any, but my lover is against it!

So, what to do?

Rent a womb? Can be done.

Marriage of convenience? The kind of deception I was lucky to jump out of. And, I am too gay proud, and mature to be tempted back into that kind of mental prison.

And where does that put my wishes?

Funny, I would kill to have a child. My own child.

Then that should make it easy, shouldn’t it? I am an African man, man in a patriarchal society. What the hell is the problem? And the solution?

Sorry, not ready to share that…!!!!

Have a damned good year.



spiralx said...

Isn't this what child-loving lesbians and turkey basters were made for??

Oh, and lawyers...

Have a good one! (In all senses of that word!).

The Activist said...

Can't you adopt a child?

Iwaya said...

This is sure going to be an interesting year for you, matey! Welcome into it!

Anonymous said...

I´m glued.

Good luck and good wisdom ought do it.

Leonardo Ricardo

Anonymous said...

LOL @spiralx.

Getting a bit broody GUG? You're not alone! Over christmas I was inundated with nieces and nephews and little babies and I loved it.

Maybe one day when (if!) I settle down.

BTW: Happy New Year

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