Monday, January 12, 2009

GWB in Africa


My eye was arrested by this photo. I could wax poetic, gush on the muscle definition, the pectorals, the hardness and think on how these living human sculptures were most likely done without steroids, but good hard work, you know, these are professional dancers- and African. Steroids are expensive!

I need to touch and feel, eerrr, errrrrrrrrrr!

And, I would forget that I am missing His Excellency, the supposed subject of the photo. Which would be treasonous, because, well, in Africa, we are expected to revere our dear leaders.

Bite me, I am gay!



Iwaya said...


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we had elected one of those dancers as President instead of the pale loser in the center?

Leonard said...

What leader? Where? Oh, the handsome dancers have a leader? Who is that dangerous looking person grandstanding and attempting to upstage (again) everyone else in the middle?

Nobody will choose to remember him in another week or so...of course, he´ll never be able to go anywhere alone...meanwhile, the dance goes on with a healthier human being leading in a way that more will choose to follow in his steps.

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