Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Issues at Hand


Pastor Solomon Male of the Arise for Christ Ministry has denied claims made on Wednesday by some born again pastors in Kampala that Male is an imposter in the born-again churches. Pastor Joseph Serwadda of Ndeeba Christian Church, flanked by a group of other born again pastors announced before journalists in Kampala that Pastor Male is an imposter.

Serwadda and group accused Pastor Male of making unfounded allegations against pastors of born again churches. homosexual acts reportedly taking a center stage in the born-again churches. Male recently announced that Pastor Robert Kayanja of Lubaga Miracle Center Cathedral and a group of other pastors are involved in gay acts. Male went ahead to tell the world that he is ready to prove his allegations against pastors in court when need arises. Pastor Serwadda however tells born again Christians to avoid pastor Male because Male does not have a church he heads.

In response Pastor Male tells Serwadda that owning a church doesn’t mean that it’s the only way someone becomes a pastor or that someone can not comment on the ills being done against Christians in the born again churches. Male says many people have built buildings and turned those buildings into churches but the owners of those buildings have not become pastors. He says Jesus Christ whom all Christians follow never build or had any Church.

Program on WBS Television. The Pastor Wars, remember? They are on-going.

Ok, background. Uganda has this huge, Pentecostal church movement. It has been ongoing since the times of the troubles- Idi Amin. But it is a disorganized, un-organisable phenomenon. They are human beings, so that is very understandable. There are some crooks, and some who are not. Of course.

So, Pastor Kayanja is part of that huge phenomenon. A rags to riches story- in the usual ‘prosperity gospel’ way. Huge. A Mega church. A multinational, international mission. Stretching to the US and back and to the beyond. Etc etc. A miracle man. A Mega miracle man.

But you know, with success come jealousy. And with jealousy, come accusations.

And what does one accuse a hugely successful pastor in Uganda? What iniquity of iniquities will tarnish any ‘public’ figure in Uganda? Homosexuality. A hint, a whiff of homosexuality. Accuse, with or without evidence (manufactured or not!).


It has brought down Father Musaala. The accusation. Not facts of whether he is gay. Just the accusation.

And the witch-hunt continues.

To me, well, because I am a homosexual in Uganda, and I love it when the people who are enveloping my sexuality in the politics of sin start showing their true colours. I am small fry. Very small fry. So, with the current witch-hunt, I know I may fall foul of them, the witch hunters, but the Ssempa’s and Langa’s of this world are really looking to pull down bigger people than me. And so, they are eating each other.

Pastor Kayanja was accused. He has taken a break from his world wide ministry, to defend himself in Uganda. (Yeah, man, he is taking a bit of pressure off us, why not!)

Apparently, one guy, at the behest of another (rival) pastor, went and swore an affidavit. That the big man had sodomised him. Sad, sad, sad. So, the good Christian pastor apparently went ahead and revealed it on a television. And, failing that, one of Kayanja’s aides is being offered lots of money to come out and ‘prove’, sort of like George Oundo ‘proved’ against Father Musaala.

Sad, sad, sad.

Well, Kayanja is sharp, and charismatic, and he is also considerably more intelligent than Ssempa. The accusations are pushed aside. Brushed aside…. I love it. Apparently, the act was commited when Kayanja was not in the country. And he can prove it.

I love it. Not least because the pressure in the country has turned from we poor, anonymous homosexuals, to the big guys who the rival pastors are battling. I mean, the enemy of my enemy…!

This is the kind of thing which the good anti-gay Christians predictably steered up. So much in love. They speak of love and spread hate… And when they are challenged they fall back on the hypocritical ‘that is not what we wanted’!

I am a human being, as I am proving here. Of course I laugh when my enemies fall. And when they are so fiercely and openly challenged.

Pastor Kayanja, I am no Christian, and I don’t know about your sexuality, and of course I know that you will be one of those supporting the anti gay bill… But, for the red eye you gave the Christian anti-gay activists of Uganda on the programme Tuesday night, I salute you.

And, as we are in the matters of celebrating, Afrogay took on the red rug. There has been an interesting back and forth between them. And he has taken a stand too. Bravo, brother!



Anonymous said...

haaahaa am suprised when i see what you gays write you like covering the truth and thats you problem , who tald you musala is not a homosexual yet he one day slept with me ,about kayanja he is a homosexual who have ate a lote of homosexuals from USA and thats why he can't denuence them but the the truth is he is a gay, we knoe many pastors who are gay like kiwewesi and many more in uganda ,so you should deceving uganda just repent and come out of sin .i dont maind what you write a bout me i know am on the right truck, me george oundo i will never be intimidated in this world not even homoseuals cant do it so my dear brothers i love you with the love of christ i will never hate you in my life but iwant you to change

Wet Blanket said...

Anonynmous Georgina!

spiralx said...

Pity that "truck" isn't heading out of town, never to return. Keep your "love of Christ" for yourself - you're going to need it more than anyone else ever will.

Anonymous said...

am not suprised the way you my friends you respond to me, haaa haaa the time is now and the love of christ is for you and me i cant be selfish i relly want you to enjoye with me, am in love with christ yes iam,

yes i know some of you think that now am badest guy in world anyway i axcepted to be seen like that but i know the truth in my heart and with time you will know that am still your brother or any kind of names you may call she or he all god is protecting me, i thank him that i now think straight

i love you all kuchus and i think some of you who have no bad heart towards me you know that me i love and i talk to you in a humble way and thats what christ tells me to do , i dont hate or discriminate i know human rights and am ready to defend my fellow kuchus who say now is the time to change the looking of ............and give .................a respect in ........of uganda , all those .....are for to think of the missing words their


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