Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why want to Kill me?

Sad, isn’t it? That someone would want to kill beautiful, fabulous, gug?

Of course it is a matter of perception. I think I am good. Fabulous, handsome, a wonderful human being. Oh, I am good, wanna bet on that? Of course I am gay, but that is neither here nor there. I mean, till I hit on you, and you say no (politely), and I insist on pressing my fabulous attentions on you, you shouldn’t complain. Or at least that is what I think should happen.

Think about it, (assuming that you are an adult), have you had 100% success rate on your passes? Of course, some have miss-fired. Others have succeded beyond your wildest dreams. And some have offended the recipients. Of course. But the problem then was not that you had made the pass. It was that it was not appreciated!

So, who wants to kill me? And why?

I was reading about the vigilante murders of gay men in Iraq. Human Rights Watch (errr 27th, that hopeless international organization that is ‘neo-colonialist’ according to you…) has a report of murders of gay men in Iraq. Why are they murdered? Because they are gay. In the name of god, religion, country, patriotism. In the name of society, of morality. Is there any other reason I have left out?

So, I was wondering. Why do I offend people’s sense of decency so much that they would want to kill me?

It is not a totally rhetorical question.

Our neighbour to the north, Sudan, has death as the punishment for me making love to my lover. Forgive me if I say that I find that absolutely un-understandable. I mean, I love the man. I realy, truly love him. Mushy, teary, poetic kind of love. The kind that makes me ache when I don’t see him, which makes me long to be with him all the time. The kind that looks for him on a hot, long day, eyes lighting up with pleasure at the mere sight of him, memory of the smell of his warm skin. It is all good, oh yes. (Makes me get goose bumps to write this).

But, and a huge, sad, but. But some people are so outraged that they want me in prison because of this. Well, in Uganda. Life imprisonment is not good enough. For some people, including good, moral people.

Is death good enough?

And why?

Why would you want to kill me for loving someone? Another adult human being with whom we share this wonderful, beautiful, life time connection that we call love?


‘Course I am gay. Am not prepared to understand why a person would want to kill me. Using the law, and bearing that, going for extra judicial measures. Of course, that shows a level of hate which love will fail to understand.

Diametrically opposed. Am talking about love not being able to understand hate. And hate not understanding love.

Say a prayer for gay men and women in Iraq, and Iran, and Sudan. And all over Africa. For love we can, we are killed. But love is so fantastic, and we are so human that we cannot but love. And pray for those who fall prey to the wrath of the world’s hate and un-understanding.



Princess said...

GUG, you are whining again. Doesn't help much, does it?

spiralx said...

He is, isn't he, Princess, honey.

There are still places in America & elsewhere you could be killed because you are black.
In Zimbabwe, you can be killed because you are white. (And a farmer).
In Egypt, because you are a Christian. In Iraq, if you're the wrong sort of Muslim. Or American.
Just off the shores of Japan, because you're a whale.

And you still think you're special??

Princess said...

This isn't about whether I feel special or not. If I sounded condescending, I apologise. It's just that GUG has played the victim card so long it becomes difficult to read him when he does. The focus here was the Iraq men. It should be more them and less him. But then the argument would be that they are all of them gay, and so one entity. You can see that I am confusing myself.
I guess all I am saying is that I love my brother more when he is writing happy and not whiny.

Anonymous said...

We have to remember, that the "crime" of two men who have sexual actions, is > to penetrate a man, or to be penetrated!
As it is often a violence made by heterosexuals...
They could not imagine any other sexual actions or any satisfaction for both! ;)
So "homosexuality" in a heterrorsexual culture has to be a crime...

Leonard said...

I don´t think you´re a cry baby dear Gug...I think you´ve spelled out the REALITY of the situation, your situation, beautifully...actually, when you speak so candidly about yourself, it seems I really know you...a good friend, warm hearted, matter of fact and healthy in all ways.

The threats are REAL for people like us...it matters to think about life as it really is and not as we would like it to be.

Good for keeping your eye on the ball.

gayuganda said...


Grumpy now. Whining? huuuuhhh!!!

Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy...!

Hey, who will whine for me if I dont. I am special, told you, fabulous. So why want to kill fabulous me?????!!!

Oh well, besides the point. [shrug],
Interesting insight bajaz. Yeah, I do ask myself the question, why is it a crime? I mean, when I was much younger and took what Mum and Dad told me as gospel truth, maybe then...!

Thanks Leonardo, and hope the op is ok!

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