Sunday, July 11, 2010

Val in the US

You remember Val Kalende? She is in the US.
US hosts top Ugandan gay activist 
The US government is hosting self-confessed lesbian, Ms Valentine alias Val Kalende, as “Uganda’s most prominent human rights activist” to enable her gain more lobbying skills to promote the agenda of sexual minorities.
Ms Kalende is in the US on the International Visitor’s Leadership Programme (IVLP) and began her tour in Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday and is to proceed to Louisville, Kentucky state before concluding in Washington, D.C. next Thursday, the Department of State announced on Friday.
“This exchange experience is designed to provide her with an in-depth understanding of US government systems and political organisation at all levels; civil rights protections and equal opportunity laws in the United States; advocacy strategies adopted by organisations to influence policy and effect positive change,” the press statement reads in part.
This year’s IVLP, unlike the previous professional exchanges, will focus on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) advocacy.
I am happy for Val. She is a very brave woman. Hey, much braver than I am.... But, guess what, a Uganda government spokesperson couldnt fail to weigh in on the largesse of the Americans in allowing a self-confessed lesbian such a platform.
In Kampala, Information Minister Kabakumba Masiko said whatever Ms Kalende and the Americans are doing “is theirs”. “When she comes back to Uganda, the law is: marriage is a union between man and woman and anything else is unlawful,” Ms Kabakumba said.
“The laws of the US do not bind Uganda. The US would do the world better by telling gays they have a biological and psychological problem instead of hoodwinking them that [their sexual orientation] is natural.”
Oh yes, someone was not happy. But, this gay Ugandan is happy. The laws that the government of Uganda would like to make for such as Val and I mandate life imprisonment or death for us, life imprisonment for being married to my partner, and jail and a fine for my relatives and friends if I ever tell them that I am gay and they don't report me to police within 24 hours.

Oh well.

But, maybe sometimes it is best to tell these government spokespeople to kind of have a pad on their mouths err, a few times? Then I would not have the amunition to throw at them... but, they kind of put my country in a bad light, if you know what I mean....!

Hope your Sunday is ok.



spiralx said...

I think they already did the "country in a bad light" thing with their monstrous, infamous "let's-murder-the-gays" bill. We would hardly expect anything else, after that, short of the complete turn-around (which is not going to happen).

Silly, silly woman, though; the only psychological, biological problem is hers. If she had actually bothered to study the science (such as it is), she'd know that.

Leonard said...

Minister Buturo really ought have made a informative visit to let the world know that he, Orombi, Ssempa and el Presidente KNOW what's what and what's NOT what...certainly these flapping mouth studs would make the kind of impression that would set the World STRAIGHT again! Danergeous painted idelerous idiots on the lamb who would scapegoat and murder their fellow citizens in the name of a God that only sacrificing Inca, Maya, Aztec and West Indies idol worshipping shaman knew/know...damn right the light is bad...dim comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

“The laws of the US do not bind Uganda. The US would do the world better by telling gays they have a biological and psychological problem instead of hoodwinking them that [their sexual orientation] is natural.”

So all the scientific research that has been done showing evidence of sexual orientation clearly not being a choice but rather the way someone is born is wrong? Just because you claim something does not make it so!

Besides, when Malawi's president, Bingu wa Mutharika, pardoned Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga who were arrested for being gay, he said "I have done this on humanitarian grounds, but this does not mean that I support this". Malawi's president basically admitted that such treatment is inhumane! How could anyone support jailing people for how they were born?

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