Sunday, February 20, 2011


Courage. Being brave.

Been on my mind. Thinking of David Kato, going to give a speech about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. A sheep amongst the acknowledged lions of the place. I mean, that was courage. Real courage.

Kato, walking into the Lion's Den, literally to beard the lion.

Of course I knew of the consultative meeting. A group of kuchu leaders determined to go. My partner was among them. And, David Kato was elected to do the necessary. Delivering the speech. The only counter to the rest of the homophobic..... It was supposed to be a dialogue, actually. It was actually something for Ugandans to showcase their homophobia. And, that is what we expected. Of course, including Pastor Dr Martin 'eat da poo poo' showing off his slides of (in his opinion) delectable gay porn..... [I swear the man must be a closet homosexual!!!!!!]

So, what did it cost David Kato to go there, to give his speech, however nervous, fearful, he was? I do not know. What I know is that, I dont think horses would have pulled me to that podium. But, David did it.
Bahati's late arrival delayed the event for more than an hour, and the UHRC failed to seat any representative of those opposed to the legislation at the head table, despite seating Bahati and - for unexplained reasons - Uganda's most outspoken anti-gay activist Martin Ssempa. A comment by an audience member later prompted the UHRC to correct this imbalance by inviting a clearly hesitant and nervous SMUG leader, David Kato, to sit beside Ssempa on the dais. Ssempa proceeded to shake Kato's hand while striking absurd poses for the assembled press corps.
LOL. Bahati is always tardy. Big man, he expects others to wait for him. The Uganda Human Rights Commission? Well, once upon a time, they would not dare touch us. They were clearly not ready to defend us, despite the monstrocity that that bill is. But, that is our Uganda.

So, it is just what was expected. Including the humiliation of David by Pastor Ssempa. These things are the usual. What we expect, on a day to day basis. So, what happened.

The usual Bahati, with his tirade. Ssempa spitting. Must have been spitting. I know, this diplomatic double speech is sometimes too concealing. But, that was the usual Ssempa, man of god. Spitting when us disgusting sinners were mentioned, at any fora.
Ssempa registered his support by issuing audible sounds of disgust. 
And, against this background, as the only person acknowledged as a homosexual, David Kato stands up to deliver his speech.
Kato delivered a well-written speech defending the rights of gay and lesbians in Uganda. However, his words were nearly indecipherable due to his evident nervousness. Throughout Kato's speech, XXXXXXXXXXXX UHRCXXXXXXXXXXXX openly joked and snickered with Bahati and Ssempa XXXXXXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXXX representatives left shortly after Kato's speech, fearing that Bahati had instructed the Inspector General of Police to arrest Kato. After a break, Ssempa showed graphic x-rated photos of what he described as gay sex, and several audience members rose to ask why authorities did not arrest Ugandan homosexuals when they had the chance. 
Forget the 'well written'. That was done in the confort and safety of his room. He was nervous. During his speech, which was almost inaudible, the lions laughed and feasted on the sight of this rabbit. The supposed ally, from Uganda Human Rights Commission, openly joked and snickered with Ssempa and Bahati.

So, what happens?

He finishes the speech. Which, of course is heard by no one. And, prudently, decides to retire.

Very good for him. I would not want to see bad gay porn, with Ssempa's nice commentary in the background.

What was our theme again? Courage. Bravery.

David Kato had it in spades. I cannot say that I do, hell, I will not say that I do. Because I dont! My courage is usually fuelled by anger, and recklessness. Then, I can do anything. But, in deliberate cold blood..... LOL!

David did it. He was a loose cannon, in more than one way. But, the one thing that he did not lack was courage. Courage to do something, even when he was evidently very afraid. As he was at that time. I know David and the others did not stay for the rest of the proceedings. His were lessons in courage for many of us.

Yeah, we do miss you, David.



Unknown said...

Yes we miss you David! Thanks GUG!!

John said...

I am a scandinavian and David from Uganda is my great hero. This brave man fought so bravely for rights that we here take as granted. Its simply hearthbreaking that he who fought for human rights and love should be so much harassed and even killed. I still cant get over it :-(
As you says GUG, David we miss you...

Anonymous said...

Very touching. Thank you.

It's encouraging, I think, that the US clearly regards Ssempa as crazy and Bahati as dangerous. At least, that's the impression I get from reading the leaked files.

Leonard said...

Thugs are a dime a dozen, there is certainly nothing manly about a group of bigmouths joining together for mutual support while attacking the trapped and vulnerable--wild animals do it, packs of dogs and lions do it--the human low life predators are simply the same hungry bullies that drive people to death (failing that inspire or hire some other degraded moral loser to do the actual murder as they attempt to appear white as snow)...this vileness really does take on all new meaning when it becomes such a National Blood Sport in Uganda--it´s a cause for international shame that impacts every Ugandan both at home and abroad--if David Bahati and Martin Ssempa are anyones idea of sane moral leadership (spiritual or political) then you can easily see the depth of putrification that is embedded in Ugandan life--I fear for those of you, including Bishop Christopher, who must face the emotionally disturbed human abusers of fellow human beings and say no to this gross waste of possible stability in a country that has many blessings. Please remain extra cautious as you gather your courage to remain exactly who you are...the authentic version of you is EXACTLY what they are afraid, cowards all.

Praise be to the memory of David Kato--he did what few of us have the courage to do--they don´t like it, no matter the mildness of the threat to their so-called masculinity--Bishop Orombi is no better, he´s just more secreative and uses the fear/hate of others to get what he thinks he must have from people who snear behind his back--Orombi, Buturo, Bahati, Ssempa and their ilk are suckers--cowardly blood suckers.

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