Saturday, February 5, 2011

Honoured, in Death.

I feel a funny kind of pride, seeing the way friends. From across the world have joined Ugandan kuchus to celebrate the life of David Kato.

I no longer talk about it as a mourning. We must, up and go. And that includes turning from the tears which are too ready to flow, to celebrating his life, his work, his passion. He died. But, we still live, and there is much to do. Not least shown of course by the vicious campaign of dishonour which is going on at the same time.

But, I speak of honour here.

Friends all over the world have been part of it.

New York, Paris, Washington DC, San Francisco, Cape Town, Pretoria, Nairobi in Kenya. The solidarity from friends round the world has been solid, and heart warming. On behalf of Kuchus in Uganda, I thank you friends. The death was a blow, and shocking to us. But, the solidarity to honour our departed with the vigils has been an unexpected blessing. Thanks for your love, for your solidarity with us. Thanks for reminding us that we do have friends in you. Thanks for reminding us that we are not alone, where we are.

Of course, there are political implications to the death and what happened afterwards. In the US, some soul searching is happening. What does the Family, and the Prayer breakfast have to do with it? Of course, Minister Nsaba Buturo and MP Bahati are attendees. Or, they were before. Exporters, funders of homophobia? And, the President of the US honours them?
I am not so much into politics... though US politics is fascinating. [forget Egypt, which is usually boring!] But, the analyses, the questions, they do interest me. Human behaviour, motivation, actions.

And, yes, there are those who are determined to dishonour him in death. Here is an excellent article, from the African Activist. The Activist examines the timeline of the accusations, and finds some questions really begging to be asked. Answers to be sought in the murder of David Kato. And, the Activist is succinct.

As the investigation timeline below demonstrates, five days before Enoch Sydney Nsubuga was even arrested, MP David Bahati had already blamed David Kato's death on "the financial donations of individual donors." Pastor Martin Ssempa blamed it on "gay-on-gay" bashing. Giles Muhame, the Rolling Stone tabloid editor, said David was "victim of his own 'evil' actions." Scott Lively, the American evangelical who consulted with Bahati and Ssempa before the introduction of the bill, stated that David was killed by a "'gay' lover".

Were these men privy to the interrogation of Arnold Ssenoga, David Kato's driver? Did Arnold Ssenoga know why David Kato was murdered? Why would the sponsor of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 be so close to an "impartial" investigation? Why would MP David Bahati, Pastor Martin Ssempa, Giles Muhame and Scott Lively provide motives for David's death to the world press five days before the arrest and interrogation of the prime suspect? Why did Pastor Martin Ssempa visit the murder scene? Why do the stories of these four men, three in Kampala and one in America, line up so neatly on the same day?

Read the whole article. Something has been stinking to high heavens for me. I have been asking myself some of the questions. The Activists articulates them much better than I have been doing.

Frankly, I just want David Kato's murderer gotten. I am personally not convinced that this is the guy, the one who was arrested. More proofs necessary, most simply because our police force is quite capable of creating evidence, especially with high profile cases like this.

They are very capable of producing 'confessions'. But, these confessions should be supported by hard evidence. That is what I would like to see.

Saying that Kato was killed by a 'male prostitute' who was promised a 'house, car, money' for his services, and didn't get them after 2 days.... that is dis-ingenious.
I am no Bill Gates. I mean, if I promise you the world for sleeping with me........ Hey, I do expect a little time to deliver on my promises!!!!


Let us get David Kato's killer, or killers. And, for goodness sake, let us not be taken in by smokescreens that are being thrown out left, right and center.



Anonymous said...

Do we realize, that heterosexuals do handle with gays same as with women?!

gayuganda said...

LOL... yeah, they do.

In lots of Africa, they are not sure whether we gay men should be treated as women, or men, or what... that is why they despise us... at least that is what i think.

Anonymous said...

if it is true that kato used sydney sexually under any agrrement then it should be treated as a crime of passion and it should not be related to the rolling stone article.

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