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The Spin Doctors.


Actually, I was really unhappy with this one. This is un UNTRUTH, that is being propagated, in my name. Here it is. 
Similar article in the Daily Nation of Kenya. A sister to the Monitor in Uganda.

A member of the Ugandan gay community writes on the BlogSpot GayUgandan that there were times when Kato’s drinking worried them.

“When we had dated (for) a while I asked him to take an HIV test with me after hearing rumours that he could be infected. His refusal confirmed my fears and I left him. I always thought that his positive status, which most people didn’t know about, could have been the reason for his over-drinking…,” writes the blogger.
Now, I did mention that David's drinking did disturb me. Hell, yes, it did. So, was he supposed to be an angel? He was not supposed to be having any problems? Shit... No, so David had a drinking problem? Oh, and, a friend, the blogger is quoted?

But What really irks me is the fact that I am quoted in a lie too.

  • I never, ever dated DAVID KATO.

  • I HAVE NEVER, EVER MENTIONED DATING DAVID KATO ON THIS BLOG. Search for it and prove me wrong.

  • The first I have heard it whispered that DAVID KATO was HIV positive was in this article. I had never heard the rumour.

  • I certainly never, ever told anyone that DAVID KATO was HIV positive.


I hate lies..... I really hate lies that are propagated like they are truth.

I hate lies broadcast in the media. I hate lies told about me. I hate lies that are spun for the sake of politics, or something else.

I was not going to post, indeed, I wanted to caution people out there that I may not be posting for some time. Until I came accross this stinging article in the Monitor newspaper that seeks to tarnish the memory of David Kato Kisuule.

I know that it is the govt, and the anti-gay movement in Uganda trying to do their best to make sure that Kato is discredited. They are Christians, (or claim to be). But, and I strongly advise them, let them not lie. It is their right to fight. But let them not lie. And let them not INCLUDE GAYUGANDA IN THEIR DASTARDLY LIES.

Breathe in, breathe out, breath in, breath out.


Unmasking David Kato

Yes, this is a nice smear campaign.

I know. it is. And, well, they do a good job. First, introducing Kato, the circumstances. and kind of painting a 'good' light about him. But, that is not all.

“David juggled almost every responsibility within the movement, his major concern our safety. He hated “slow work” and red tape and in most cases he came off as a leader in his own category,” testifies Val Kalende, a fellow activist.
Kalende adds that he was also known for his energy and quick response to security matters, which saw him nicknamed “security”. “It didn’t matter who you were, he reached out to help you. He fed, dressed, comforted, and housed many members of the community who were homeless,” adds Kalende. 
Not everyone seems to have appreciated his outstanding stance, as one member of the community who claims to have been an ex-lover to the late confesses, “When I heard Kato was dead, I was saddened but also relieved. He was such an assuming person who thought he was better than anyone else, even amongst the gay community
Frankly, this was David's work. And, he did it brilliantly.

He was an elder in the community, and, in Uganda's depressed conditions, he was a very blunt advocate for maturity amongst the kuchus.
Yes, he was called 'security' amongst other nicknames, trying to make sure that people were security conscious. And then getting them to style up. We can be very immature, we kuchus.

David hosted many kuchus at his house in Nansana, and where he was killed. Usually the circumstances were that he would get them from police cells, because they were accused of being gay. That was his job. He would then need to find a place for them simply because, living in the same community where you have been outed is simply not an option. And, David's house was the usual first 'safe space' option.

David did host Georgina George Oundo in those circumstances. And, if I am not mistaken, S. Mugisha. Yes, I would like Georgina, who is currently 'ex-ex-gay' to deny that.

Paul Kagaba, the face of Ex-Gays in Uganda, and the one who is the chief spokesperson for Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa and also Male, is a liar, and a thief. Oh yes, he has told lots of lies, at the behest of his masters. And, I am sure that he is continuing to tell them. I hope he gets good recompese for that.

Amongst the lies that he has told, he has been always saying that Kato 'recruited him into homosexuality'. Now, when I knew Kagaba, he was an adult, with bisexual behavior at that time. And, he was known to be one of those guys who would go to your home, and leave with your phone. He was 'gay for money' as the saying goes. That was my impression of him.

Yes, I do remember that he was friends with a white expatriate friend of mine. Male. And that, they had something going for a few weeks. I know that they fell thruough, and Kagaba turned to another white expatriate friend, a female that one. That was his deal anyway. And, my sources tell me it fell apart again when he tried to move into her house...... Kagaba was always in for the main chance.

And, more recently, last year, he was showing photos of himself with his former white expatriate friend. And he was saying that they were married. That the photo was of them on their honeymoon. Lie. Very big lie. But again, that is Kagaba. His lies in the Monitor... or, at least his version of the Kato he knew.

Paul Kagaba, a former homosexual now crusading against gay practices who claims to have known Kato in Masaka during his senior four vacation, at a time when the late was head school teacher for a primary school, describes him as loud, rude and arrogant.

Kagaba for instance believes this was only so he could trap innocent people and use them for his sexual desires. “I was young when I met him. He bought my first ‘take away’ ever and two Guinnesses and I ended up in his house being sexually used which is how I was initiated into homosexuality. That’s how he always initiated other people then went about the job of verbally turning them against women, insisting they’re filthy,” he claims.

One of the theories surrounding his murder is in fact that the prime suspect is a man Kato had bailed out of jail a few days back that could have killed him because of his sexual advances. Kagaba adds, “Whoever knew Kato and is truthful knows that he was not a kind, generous person but a sly show off, popular in bars where he offered free drinks to unsuspecting victims that he later initiated into sex partners.”
But, the smears continue....

I am quoted as having been concerned about his drinking. Hell, of course I was. Have I never mentioned that I am also concerned with my drinking?
It is a pretty nice smear campaign. Picking quotes from here and there, and then mounting something, in the name of making sure that David Kato's name is sullied.

But, the smears continue. That, David Kato was HIV positive.
His aforementioned ex-lover however says he could know the reason for his over indulgence. “When we had dated a while I asked him to take an HIV test with me after hearing rumours that he could be infected. His refusal confirmed my fears and I left him. I always thought that his positive status which most people didn’t know about could have been the reason for his over drinking sometimes.”
A medical doctor that claims to have been the late’s doctor confirms that indeed Kato was HIV positive, having confirmed his status in December 2008. “In fact the day he was murdered at his home I was expecting him at the hospital but he didn’t show up,” adds the doctor. Nakato also enlightens that when on her way out to run some errands, she’d inquired about why he was staying home that day, and Kato had said he wasn’t feeling too well and would stay to rest. 
Why does this matter?

The taint, the stigma of being HIV positive is a big thing in Uganda. There have been public campaigns, and other things. It is still a big thing in Uganda.

You know what the anti-gay camp accuses us in Uganda? that we gay people go around spreading HIV. Oh yes, they are instrumental in making sure that we do not have an HIV prevention campaign in the country. And, at the same time they cry that we spread HIV.

Why does Kato's doctor feature here? Which doctor worth of his salt would reveal that his patient in HIV positive? Frankly, I do not believe it. Frankly, I dont believe any doctor working in Uganda would dare say this to a journalist. But, maybe it is true????!!!!!

But, why would it feature in a newspaper article?

Simple. To increase the perception amongst Ugandans that Kato was a bad guy. HIV positive...... oh well, did I mention that at least 7% of Uganda's adult population is HIV positive? And, they do have to live, on a daily basis, in fear of such slurs to their status. Such indirect hits at them.

And then, about the mother. Kato David's mom.
But Kagaba, who says to have known him beyond his activism days, insists she had disowned him the moment she discovered the truth about his sexuality.
I dont know about that. David had never mentioned it. Another Kagaba lie? What I know is that they were close. And, I know that she was distraught. Nice, trying to paint it here that she had disowned him.

My mom. My Dad. they know that i am gay. They know my partner. They know that I live with him. I have detailed those things on this blog.

Matter of fact, this is important because the anti-gay side always paints us as rejects from our families. Oh shit. This is so shitty. Clever lies mixed with a little of the truth to make it stronger.

But, I am amused at this, the final lie.
Kato is otherwise said to have had a twin brother who some people say he came out to and they remained close, and a sister that anyone hardly seems to know anything about. How he truly related with his family however remains a mystery. For all that came to life in his death, the details of his family may be the one thing the public never gets to know as even they remain tight lipped, refusing to add to the international furor that his death has already caused. 
I was at the funeral. I did mention that I saw Wasswa, Kato's elder twin. He is not 'said' to have had a twin brother. The brother was there at the funeral. I saw him.

He might not have talked to the Monitor reporter, but he certainly was speaking to us.

And, yes, I have just googled and found a report that I saw. Wasswa was actually talking to some media.

Very good that this reporter didnt get her hands on him. Maybe he would have strangled her for her smear of his murdered twin.

Nice try, nicely written article, by the way.

Just makes me feel so sad that you are using your talents that way, Madam.



Fg68at said...

?? in this Article here: "I was at the funeral."

And 2011-01-28

"I was not at the funeral. [maybe I fear crowds…..!]. But, I was there in the spirit."

Fg68at said...

Oh i had must read the next sentence: "With the crowd, the mourners. And, I was there last night. Spent the whole night there. At last saw the elder twin, Wasswa."

You was not there when the horrible pastor spech und the burring. But afterwards. Have i linked it now correctly in my brain?

gayuganda said...

Yep. you have.

Anonymous said...

Please..stop getting you panties in a twist and read the article ..the afore mentioned ex-lover quoted is Paul Kagaba.

Leonard said...

The whole slander thing is sooo filthy--more filthy and shameful when it comes out of the mouth/pen of self-righteous religious folk or politicos who LIE SO MUCH that they even begin their own lies after a while--of course the LIES seem ok when high placed government officials (who somehow maintain respect based on the same lies) and religious leaders (Archbishop Orombi comes to mind along with the corruption at the Anglican Church/Uganda) have the absolute arrogance to promote FALEHOODS! Naturally, the spiritually and emotionally disturbed, and they are, quickly believe such nuggets of vileness--afterall, it makes them feel better to not be the lowest of the low (which, sadly, many are as evidenced by the lies they are willing to make up and repeat)...the ¨business¨ of lying and cheating thrives everywhere but some folks in Uganda, folks in high places, are particularly good at it--one wonders if ¨The Family¨ in America taught them much of what they know? It´s all too familiar and offensive--but that´s what they promote for profit--offensive, threatening, demonizing LIES!

Take care, see you when we see you,


Leonard said...

sorry, mistake above:

¨...they even BELIEVE their own lies.¨

gayuganda said...

Hey, Anon.....

I have read the article, and my panties are still in a twist, did you say?

And, I do want all the lies therein to be correctly attributed to the source, if it is Paul Kagaba. I know he is a liar. Good for you to rely on him.

So, I want a retraction... and clarification. The lover who says Kato was HIV positive is not the blogger gug. Nope.

Dont want anything like that... wouldnt like people to be mistaken.

You have a right to tell the lies, but not by me.

spiralx said...

Why not send exactly what you have written to the papers concerned? As a letter; or as an article (you can invite them to chose one or the other!).

Peter Leeson said...

I have just referenced you in my blog ( with regard to keeping people up to date as to what is happening in Uganda.

Hélder António said...

Hello, gug.

SS Phd StrikeS again:

Greetings from Portugal to all kuchus of Uganda.

Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed to find such a site! GayUganda- what a hopeless scheme! It will take ten generations of continued shaping of peoples' minds to sell such rotten ideas to our people.
If your parents were gay, would you have been born? Dont you think you need serious psychiatrist attention? Is it because of money? Please contact: for help.

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