Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life goes on

Yes. It does.

But first, here is an account of what happened at the funeral of David Kato Kisuule. I have been castigated for not spelling his name right, so, there it is.
The account is from Afrogay, who was there. And, it is something. I was not there, so, for me I heard second hand most things from my partner. Afrogay was there. And here is his account.

But, I wanted to post laughing about what is happening in Uganda's courts.

Ssempa, and company. You remember that for almost the whole of the second quarter of last year, they were accusing Pastor Robert Kayanja of being gay, a homosexual, busy 'sodomising' innocents?

Well, they produced a witness of the same sordid details. And, it seems the witness turned on them. Or, was the witness already fake? I dont know. But, this soap opera is made in Uganda. Enjoy.

A prosecution witness yesterday told Buganda Road Court that pastors Solomon Male, Martin Sempa, Michael Kyazze, Robert Kayiira and two others promised him sh56m to accuse Pastor Robert Kayanja of sodomy. 
Robson Matovu, 29, a resident of Bweyogerere, a Kampala suburb, told the court that he framed Pastor Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre because he wanted the money. 
The other co-accused are State House employee Dorothy Kyomuhendo and local musician David Mukalazi. 
The hearing of the case began yesterday. Matovu was produced before court by state prosecutor Stephen Asaba. The court was presided over by Grade One Magistrate Patrick Wekesa. 
The accused are represented by Edward Akankwasa, Paul Rutisya, Kaggwa Sekabanja, and Isaac Walukagga. 
Matovu told the court that he was first contacted by Sempa, whom he met through David Ntwatwa. “Sempa told me that I would be given money if I said Kayanja sodomised me,” he said. 
Matovu said he was promised sh6m as part payment and the sh50m after a case was filed against Kayanja. Matovu said he was then introduced to Kyazze, who gave him sh160,000 with instructions to buy a mobile phone and use it for logistics. 
Matovu said he banked the money in his account at Crane Bank. He said he then met Male, who assured him that an affidavit pinning Kayanja would be obtained.
Matovu said a few days later, he was given a piece of paper, containing accusations against Kayanja. He said the contents in the affidavit were later recorded on video. The affidavit was tendered in as an exhibit by prosecution. 
Matovu also told the court that Male assured him of protection from top government officials. 
He said Mukalazi introduced him to Kyomuhendo, whom he later met at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala, and at Nomo Gallery in Nakasero. 
Matovu said he reported the matter to the Police, using the sh160,000 and the affidavit as proof. He added that when the pastors learnt about his visit to the Police, they threatened to harm him. 
But asked by Akankwasa, to specify the date and year when he met Male to sign the affidavit, Matovu said he could not remember. He also said he could not remember the pastors’ phone numbers. 
Akankwasa also discredited Matovu for “having a selective memory” when he told court that he could not remember his account number. 

Hey, I also do not remember my account number. I need to.... Buturo said that I am to receive, was it 25 Million USD.... but, damn, I have to check for it on a paper whenever I need to write it down. Damn!

I love the soap opera. These might, super moralists, accused of trying to suborn justice! Shame, dear holy Pastors! Shame, shame, shame, from shameless gayuganda!

And, I do love this. Because, this witness was Ssempa's witness at the beginning. It was on the basis of this witness, and others, that Ssempa was accusing Kayanja. So, if they discredit this witness (and the others), then anti-gay pastors have to acknowledge that they did accuse Kayanja, a fellow born again pastor, using witnesses who they themselves discredit.....

Oh, the convolutions of the charade of born again christianity in Uganda!

Now, I cannot end this without quoting from the 'new look monitor'. Such articles would never, ever see the light of day before. Not in Uganda. But, here is a commentary in the Daily Monitor, which, though written by a non-Ugandan, would never, ever have found its way into the Monitor of old. But, it is there today! Here is an excerpt.
But whoever is responsible and whatever their motive, we know the fear felt by many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in Uganda and elsewhere who continue to face widespread prejudice and the constant threat of homophobic violence. Kato’s death robs them of a brave and eloquent advocate.

If Kato’s murder stimulates discussion about the violence and discrimination facing people because of their sexual orientation or their gender identity, then his death will not have been completely in vain. That discussion must inevitably address the question of decriminalising homosexuality. Criminal sanctions for homosexuality remain on the statute books in more than 70 countries, including Uganda.
Such laws are an anachronism, in most cases a hangover from the old days of colonial rule. They are inherently discriminatory and constitute a violation of the human rights of those whose conduct they seek to sanction. States often justify the existence of these laws with reference to popular opinion.
Yet popular opinion alone can never justify depriving certain people of their rights. People are entitled to disapprove of homosexuality. They are entitled to express their disapproval. But they are not entitled to harm or inflict violence on their fellow human beings, nor to use the criminal law to have them arrested, imprisoned, even in some cases executed, simply because they disapprove of them.
Decriminalising homosexuality is an essential first step towards establishing genuine equality before the law. But real, lasting progress cannot be achieved by changing laws alone. We must change minds as well. Like racism and misogyny, homophobia is prejudice born of ignorance. And like other forms of prejudice, the most effective long-term response is information and education.
I welcome the dialogue. As evidenced by the deafening silence from the government owned New Vision, the silence is the one that promotes the homophobia. Oh, forgive me. It is not real silence from the New Vision. They report selectively. What concerns them are the accusations of the Pastors. Uganda's pastor wars. The fact that the weapon the pastors chose to use against each other is the flames of homophobia, that is besides the point. At least to the new vision.

Of course, to me, it IS the point.

Anyway, hope your day is good.


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Anonymous said...

Hey ... it has been a minute, and I am sorry for your loss.
So much has been said and done, I would like to apologise for passing judgment, keeping quiet about the 'White Elephant' in the room, I am sorry that I have not loved you like I should.
I am sorry.
I understand that it wont change much, but I needed You to know that I apologise for all the hurt I and many others have caused You.

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