Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gay Panic Defence?

That is, in the death; murder of David Kato Kisule.

Have just heard it on Capital FM. Apparently, the guy who was staying in David's place, the guy who was working for him has been arrested. At Mukono Police station at the moment.

And, from what I heard, he has confessed to the murder, reporting that Kato forced him into having sex, so he killed him.

True, false, I don't know?

I would really love to say that I am sure of that. Simple, I am a Ugandan. And, I live and work in Uganda. This became a very high profile case, as soon as the media stepped in and the police investigations were made for media.

So, what is the problem with that?

Well, very simple. The police had to make an arrest. And, they had to have a suitable motive. Cracking the case became a priority.
In Uganda, so help me the deities, we use 'enhanced interrogation techniques'. And, they are very helpful. And, I am not talking about simple water boarding. Simple.... well, it is.

This guy was condemned as soon as the police sent out the flier saying the death was due to 'aggravated robbery'. So, little suprise that he has been found, and, confensed immediately.

So, is he the killer?

I wish I could be sure. I want David's killer arrested. Is like a visceral need to find someone to blame,... in truth, to hang, by the balls, if I could be so crude. But, I am actually hesistant to condemn this guy, even with the confession. Because, simply put, the simple guy might confess to anything given the options, the circumstances.

And, yeah, in Uganda, putting the blame on the big bad homosexual works all the time. They are evil, they are bad, they are terrible. They deserve hanging.

So, I killed him because he attacked me, or he made advances. Homosexual advances. So, I hit him twice with a hammer.

I really, really wish I could have access to film of the event. Or was it recorded?

But, for now, I wait to see what happens. I am not sure the guy is guilty. I am not sure he killed David. I would be unwilling to visit on him the guilt without knowing the circumstances. I am a gay Ugandan. I am too used to the contempt, the casual references to violence that are stereotypically visited on our heads, just because we are gay. Or thought to be so.

Gay Panic Defense? I believe that is what it is called. And, in Uganda, we are so vilified, it can work. Terrible as it seems. That is a fact.
I don't even know the procedure. With a confession, does he have to go to court? Or do they give him a sentence? A confession is too neat an ending- to my liking. Will it be enough?

Too neat, for the police in Uganda.

Gay Panic Defence?



Unknown said...

Why am I not surprised? typical but one question I would ask if it is gay panic then why would one be in the company of someone of David's stature in the first place and the sad part is as in here in Jamaica the public laps this excuse up like sponge to water.


JMG said...

Can you please email me to discuss the radio report? Thanks, Joe Jervis.

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