Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What does it mean to be Gay in Uganda?

I rarely put my thoughts in a summary....

No. This is not a summary. Here is an article that I wrote for the Mantle. And, it is not short. Kind of feels funny, now that I read what I wrote.

Go ahead. Go and read it. An excerpt.

What Does It Mean to Be Gay in Uganda?

By Gay Uganda

What does it mean to be gay in Uganda?
It is a tough question because I have never known a different life. I am a gay man, born in Uganda, an African. It is all that I have known; it is my identity. I am African, a Ugandan, and I am gay, my secret identity—the one that has to be hidden from the rest of my countrymen.
We call ourselves kuchus, a neutral, all inclusive word. It is an identity that is ours, separate from the vileness and abuse thrown at us. We are kuchus, all of us, gay and transgender Ugandans, although life tends to be harder for my transgender friends.
Of course it goes on.....!


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