Thursday, March 31, 2011


Have to do this...

Before the month ends, that is. I have been blogging very irregularly this month. Well, seems like several colluding factors have decided to make their presence felt.

I have to inform you that I am taking a break.

I love blogging. So, that means sooner, or later, I will be back.

Hopefully, sooner rather than later. But, cannot predict when as of now.

So, to all friends out there, 

Au revoir.



Karen said...

I look forward to your return. May you have a good break.

Erp said...

May all be well.

Leonard said...

I hate it when you do this--but since you´ve already ¨returned¨ I´ll forget my hostility--afterall, we´re now internationally connected brothers and I have to watch over you and yours from afar (something about being completely out of my head if I think I can control anything in Africa--but I do fret)!

Happy sunny days!


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