Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Morning

It says it all. The poem. Have a great rest today. Wheresoever you are, whatever you are planning.

No appointments Sunday morning,

Except the one in bed-

To hold and groom my love,

to glide next skin to skin,

breath in our breaths

and share our lips,

to drown long moments in his eyes

and tell him its him I love.

No appointments Sunday morning…

© GayUganda 14 Oct. 07


Sasha said...

Totally sweet poem, but terribly depressing to lonely hearts!

Sunday morning, sleep in... recover from last night escapades... And thank goodness aint on stranger next to me!

Anonymous said...

Gay Uganda! am totally with Sasha's first line on this.

Bugger, had a line-in all alone.

Will not even log in with my name for. Enjoy your sunday

Anonymous said...

I meant 'lie-in' not line-in...what's that anyway?

gayuganda said...

Dear Lonely hearts,

take heart. Of course I do not write about the fights, and the quarrels and misunderstandings. When we get those, somehow, poems dont seem to flow!!!!!

But it is great to wake up to someone in your bed, and hug and hold him. Yeah, that is great. And to make up after the quarrels.

Was someone asking why we all want to get hooked up?

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