Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hi friends. Wonder where I was for yesterday?

I had gone to look at the islands. The islands of the lake Uganda’s leading Muslim wants to exile me to. Me and my love, for I will not go without my love.

They are beautiful, those islands.

The lake. It is broad and wide, an expanse of fresh water in the middle of the continent. Not very deep. Not so deep that the edges are not seen. But deep, deep, for one like me more used to land than sea.

It is broad like a sea, but the water is fresh. It is wide like an ocean, but the water is less blue. It is green, a green of the fresh algae that is abundant. It is a deep living green. With the Nile perch there hiding, no sharks but crocodiles.

The islands. They are humps, right in the middle of the water. Green humps, well watered, deep soils, well clothed with leaves.

No. Not so well clothed. Man has come and raped the land. The green trees cut for charcoal, and the shrubs burnt to clear. But it is still beautiful, island humps green in the lake.

Its there that I will be exiled. With my lover, and my friends. Kuchu Island we shall call it. When the president agrees with the Mufti to exile us there. To rid the land of us homosexuals who pollute and defile the land.

Ishallah, the Mufti says, there we shall die. And Uganda shall not have any more gay men. Or gay women. Or trans people. Uganda will be a land of the pure and heterosexual straight.

Uganda. Beautiful Uganda.

How I love you. I cannot compare you to a woman, as is fitting for the straight man. I will compare you to my lover.

He is not tall, but not short. He is not wide, yet not narrow. He is a human being, warm, loving, touching, moving. He erupts like a volcano, sometimes. Is as cool as the waters of Lake Victoria, sometimes. He is as variable as the lakes waters, sometimes storm lashed, sometimes calm, sometimes the waves, sometimes the wind, but all times there. A human being. That I love and loves me.

Uganda. True, we have produced monsters. The Amins of old. Now a mufti who thinks a Hitler like concentration camp is what I deserve, with my lover. Marooned and left to die, on an island in the lake. No power, no water except the lakes, monkeys for companions, and other kuchus to tempt me always.

Yet our country is very human. As tough and unforgiving, as silly and stupid, as bright and inviting.

It is a beautiful break of day. The air is clear. A thunderstorm in the night removed the heat of yesterday and scrubbed the air clean. Birds are singing in the trees. And cocks have stopped crowing.

Enjoy today, because it is beautiful. Don’t think of the cares of tomorrow. Enjoy today. We have it, look at it, enjoy the drizzle, the sun, the moon, the friends.

Be happy.



The 27th Comrade said...

Heh. Assessing Exile? :-D

Actually, the Mufti may have to keep up a hard front as a necessity for his role. He may not be that extreme.
But I liked the cartoon in the Monitor. Exiled as well, (to the same island?) were thieve of Muslim property. Guess who it meant.

Atin said...

Aaahh....or it is that you were planning the escape routes from Alcatraz? LOL Always one step ahead of these shadows.

Mufti? Words like unelected by 90% or ?more and Uganda is a secular state are lost in his interpretation.

gayuganda said...

Hi 27th,

I dont want to think that excuse for the Mufti is credible! Maybe he was trying to get some headlines apart from his (creative accounting) of muslim properties!!!!

we have to stay a step ahead of the, ahem, .. idiots.
Remember Mein Kampf? Was too weird at its publication. Now, someone has left a warning on 'I love blogging' below warning that he or she will torch us to death.
I take them seriously. They are the majority. And when in the majority, you are allowed to be stupid. Not when you are in the minority. The price then is too high.

Atin said...

I saw that absurd comment

This person used words like our morals and torch you to death in the same paragraph. May his/her morals be damned.
Furthermore, presumes ownership of Uganda....

If only we could learn from History

gayuganda said...

I am to be 'torched' in the name of my country.
Another tells me that he loves me, but hates my actions, when I dont know him from Eve.
Another devotes a blog to abusiing me.

Another is intent on proving that my skin colour is a lie, and my birth an abomination, and my country is not my country, because I cannot exist in it.

Why all this hate in the world? Directed against me? Now, I am just whining.

I guess I am worth of hate. It is a compliment in a way, I'm so good that I deserve unsolicited attention!

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