Sunday, February 10, 2008


I would live on a desert island

alone with my thoughts,

a book of poems-

a pen that runs not out,

and paper to write;

I would live like a king

alone in the majesty of words

and not a drop of water

or handful of food would I crave;

though my body pines away

to the dusts of the air

I would live, content.



Mark Olmsted said...

Your poetry is beautiful.

I'm a co-entrant in ICP. Also a poet.

gayuganda said...

Thanks Mark.

I like your blog too. And especially the poem 'mute'.

Chose it at random. Really liked it.


Princess said...

"I would live, content."
Stirring in its lyrical potential.
Nice one.

gayuganda said...

Thanks Princess


Anonymous said...

Do you think life would be that content? Ah, poetic pipe-dreams...

gayuganda said...

Poor esheneutics,

seems dreams do irk you?

I dream. A lot. Makes this world bearable.
I live in a world of dreams which is as real as I can make it. Course there is that tiny problem of knowing the difference reality and the dream. Sometimes have to rely on my lover for a reality check!

Nevertheless, I will still dream of my desert island heaven...


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